Trump Set To Beat Reagan's Record In The Specific Policy Area America Currently Needs The Most

Without a doubt, one of the luckiest presidents in the history of America, quite likely the luckiest leader in world history, was Bill Clinton. No not because he managed to let nuclear weapon secrets slip to China which has resulted in them aiming WMD at us and bragging about it without facing any charges. It is also not because he won a second term after doing so badly the first time (as seen in his gun ban), the mishandling of Milosovich of which the media buried for him, his getting away with Reno burning infants alive in Texas, and certainly not for anything to do with a blue dress, though he was lucky to have been away from Hillary during it.

Bill Clinton is the luckiest president of all time because he managed to luck into the White House seat just as the internet was taking off. Without doing anything but showing up with a boyish, crooked smile that dripped deceit, he got the best economic gift that any president is likely to get until we invent time travel. By walking into such amazingly good fortune he will forever go down in American history as having one of the best thriving economies ever while he was in office, and he did nothing, nothing at all, to earn it.

One of the only better economies to find root was that of Ronald Reagan, and as it stands with Clinton’s record of stock market exuberance having been now officially bested by President Donald Trump, it is Reagan who is to be toppled next! Yes, that is correct, Donald J. Trump has seen consecutive gains since his election victory over Hillary Clinton that is is now being called the “Trump Bull Market.” The ways of measuring this success have been the same for 120 years and seen a record set on 10 consecutive days. This is what Bloomberg News observes is “the longest streak since the Ronald Reagan administration.” As a matter of fact, if it goes on for two more days, Trump will tie the great record.

The Democrats have told us that this was a fluke, that such exuberance would pass once the nation got used to the fact that they really elected, “The Donald.” However, that seems to be about as true as a CNN report (which isn’t saying much) because a “fluke” does not show this kind of excitement. While Bloomberg points out this kind of bumping upwards happened once in 1987 and the Dow dropped, it also happened in 1964 and the Dow rose 9.3 in just 12 months. If this burst can last for 13 days in a row, it would be the longest recorded streak going all the back to 1952. It is also pointed out that, “the Dow’s streak of daily gains is also the longest in almost four years and would tie for the longest in 25 years with a jump Friday.


his has lead to traders putting $45 million into American ETF’s and mutual funds after having taken money out during seven of the last nine years, according to Investment Company Institute and Bloomberg. What this means is that the nation is feeling very, very good about what Mr. Trump is going to bring to the American people. When Reagan was elected president, everyone was certain that he was going to lead America into a war, but then he was one of the most peaceful American leaders that the nation has ever seen, He even brought peace with Russia without a shot being fired.


Likewise, such ridiculous talk is also being bantered about regarding the peace loving Donald Trump, and we are seeing the same thing, a stock market that knows better. No investor is going to invest in mutual funds, of all things, to the tune of 45 million Washington’s if they think that America is about to go charging into nuclear war. Putin may change this reality, China may change it, even the mad cheese eater in North Korea may change the plan – if threatened or attacked then all bets are off – but unless that happens, Trump is aiming to fight absolutely no one.

Some say that Trump is driven by a need to win, and while that is an attack that is painting him as selfish, let them say it because if true, what self-driven man aims to fail? For that matter, how many fail at all? Men driven like Trump tend to, even when seeing setbacks like Trump University, overcome and reach their goal. Therefore, while it isn’t likely true, let him be a narcissist because if that is what drove him to be a billionaire, marry a beautiful and intelligent supermodel, and achieve an earned Oval Office victory, can it be imagined what he is going to do for the U.S. economy?

The golden ring, at least for the moment, is beating Reagan’s record. Beating Clinton’s economic win series was certainly a goal, but beating on a Clinton for the GOP isn’t any surprise. If Trump can manage to beat the record set by Reagan – who for you Millennials is the GOP’s version of JFK minus the tragic ending – then he can really be expecting to see a lasting happiness on the stock market. Investors and the like will have no reason to fear the 1987 jinx and life should be set to progress nicely as the bulls parade.


The bigger long-term problem that looms is that America is really a bankrupted nation that is hanging on only due to debt/deficit spending, paper money backed by nothing, and the U.S. Dollar being the world currency. The latter may be changing, which could derail the train a bit, but that would not be Trump’s doing. Trump inherited problems such as fiat money backed by no gold, he did not create it. The good news is that Trump at least knows how to operate in the system that he is stuck within, as proven by his track record as a business powerhouse of the top order, so there should be some great days ahead for the average American, at least for awhile. As for the debt spending and the other problems? We have four years America, let the man work.