Desperate socialists pulling out all stops to crush populist uprising

French Election Turns Ugly As Globalists Escalate Attacks On Le Pen

Journalists accused of bias. Judges said to be taking orders from the president. The country in a state of “near civil war.”

This isn’t America’s bitter presidential election campaign last year, but France’s in 2017.

The latest comments from conservative Francois Fillon, who has accused the Socialist government of failing to protect candidates, underline the increasingly ugly tone of France’s campaign.

Clashes in the western city of Nantes at the weekend during a demonstration against far-right leader Marine Le Pen and attacks on buses transporting her supporters were “unacceptable,” he said on Monday.

On Sunday evening, he accused the government of “failing to create the conditions for the peaceful exercise of democracy,” accusing it of allowing “a climate of near civil war to develop in the country.”

Seven police officers were injured on Saturday in Nantes including one with serious burns when anarchists and vandals began throwing rocks and firebombs during an anti-Le Pen protest.

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