President Trump continues to exhibit a remarkable commitment to the troops. His support is refreshing. Our troops and veterans are the backbone of our country, men and women who risk their lives in order to ensure our safety.

Just weeks into his presidency, Trump took 18 Green Beret candidates and gave them a tour of the Oval Office. It’s the first time in the course’s history that the soldiers received such special treatment from the president.

“Halfway through the discussion, [Trump] said, ‘Hey — we’re not supposed to do this, but follow me,’ and he brought them all into the Oval Office, took a group photograph around the Resolute desk, and then —throwing the schedules into a bit of a tizzy, said, ‘OK that’s not good enough,’” Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka told Breitbart News in an interview.

Trump then took pictures with each individual solider. The media often buzzes about the president’s supposed time-wasting. Are they including moments like these?

After first ignoring Trump’s historic actions, media outlets began blasting him for it, going so far as saying that the meeting was a contrived photo-op that allowed the president to “once again, wrap himself in the flag of the military.”

It’s disgusting. The left, still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s massive defeat, is desperate to disparage Trump any way that they can. You would think that seasoned journalists would be above using the troops as political pawns, but apparently not.

Pictures from the supposed “photo-op” were never released.

When that tactic failed, opponents latched onto a new attack- the meeting didn’t fit neatly into the president’s strictly regimented schedule. A source told Breitbart that “NSC officials scrambled to notify Pentagon officials…and no preparation materials had been drafted — such as background information on the course, expected topics of discussion, biographies of the students, talking points for the president…”

It’s almost sounds like a joke. Trump is being criticized because he interacted naturally with a group of talented special forces candidates instead of preparing talking points? It wasn’t a political move. The troops were at the White House to meet the president, not to hear a laundry list of political points written by staffers.

Trump’s presidency is already marked by his extreme respect for our armed forces. His first four weeks in office saw him engaging with the military at least once a week.

“The president’s efforts to politicize the military, starting with his remarks at the CIA memorial, are becoming a troubling rhetorical pattern,” said Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), ranking member on the House Armed Services Committee.

Democrats seem to be incapable of forgetting their party alliances. They’ve become the opposition party. Whatever Trump says, they say they opposite. Whatever Trump does, they’re against it.

Trump created shock-waves when he announced his decision to funnel an extra $54 billion to the military.

“The president’s budget proposals — which were short on detail but are said to exempt not just Medicare and Social Security but also veterans’ benefits and law enforcement efforts — would lead to deep reductions in federal programs…it would begin with agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service and social safety-net programs,” reports The New York Times.

It’s an ambitious plan that aims to strengthen our military while protecting veterans and the elderly. Republican determination to slash entitlement spending is what cost them the election against Obama. Hard-working people who paid into the system their entire lives deserve to reap the benefits in their old age.

Trump’s proposals are the logical conclusions of campaign promises.

“It will show the president is keeping his promises and doing exactly what he said he was going to do,” said Mick Mulvaney, the president’s budget director. “We are taking his words and turning them into policies and dollars.”

Democrats of course are loath to support the proposed budget and plan to fight as much as they can.

Trump is one of the most progressive president’s in American history. He’s so outside the snare of Washington politics that he’s able to act in ways that benefit the average American rather than any political party.

“Democrats will make crystal clear the misplaced priorities of the administration and the Republican majority,” said Representative Nita M. Lowey of New York, the highest-ranking Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, “and we will fight tooth and nail to protect services and investments that are critical to hard-working American families and communities across the country.”

No, what they’re actually going to fight tooth and nail for is to block Trump. That’s all they care about. Trump’s unorthodoxy disconcerts them.

Trump’s commitment to the troops is part of his larger commitment to the American people. Finally we have a president that’s working for us. Congress seems determined to throw roadblocks in his way, but he continues to barrel them down.