Baltimore Cops

Sources: Enough is Enough, The Free Thought Project

Baltimore is in the news again for how its police treat the black community. This time, Baltimore cops were caught on video beating a 16-year-old boy after he was reportedly the victim of an assault with a knife. The 16-year-old victim calmly sat on the curb when the police arrived, only to be manhandled by two cops intent on delivering as many blows as possible. According to reports, the incident is now under investigation.

The victim was identified as Alonso Cox. Alonso had been in an altercation with a 14-year-old-female who allegedly pulled a knife on him. The police responded, at which point Alonso can be seen sitting calmly on a curb when a female officer walks up and attempts to put him in handcuffs before speaking with him first. At this point, Alonso is obviously frightened; his instinctual reaction to pull his hand away resulted in the officer mounting him, before proceeding to punch and pull at him. From this point on, Alonso can be seen attempting to cover his head from the repeated blows. A second male officer jumps on top of him and continues to deliver elbows and punches directly to Alonso’s head.

“I was scared. I thought I was going to get shot that’s all that was going through my mind, ‘please don’t shoot me.’ I was scared for my life,” Alonso told the media. According to reports, when police arrived on scene, they observed the female subject who still had the knife in her hand and was threatening Alonso. It’s unknown why the police made no attempts to speak with Alonso, instead, opting to arrest him for unknown reasons.

The video demonstrates what is truly wrong with police in America these days. The female officer who attempted to arrest Alonso demonstrated incredibly poor police work. Her inability to adhere to proper police protocols started this entire debacle in the first place. More specifically, no police officer ever undertook training in which instructed them to place handcuffs on a subject in the manner demonstrated on video. This cop threw officer safety out of the window by not standing Alonso up before attempting to handcuff him. The officer failed to use proper handcuffing technique, which if employed, could have avoided the incident in the first place. This is the true failure of police, who don’t even seem to understand the basics of officer safety and how to properly engage with subjects.

Secondly, the brutality employed by both officers made no progress in gaining compliance. Rather, their force caused Alonso to ‘ball up’ in protection. They didn’t seem to realize that he was unable to obey their commands as he was being pummeled the entire time. Alonso was arrested on multiple charges including second degree assault, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. The female aggressor in the knife incident was also arrested for assault. Despite the Baltimore PD’s response that they are investigating the incident, acts like this are a daily occurrence at police departments across the country. The reality is these officers will receive no discipline for this barbaric act of violence against a child.