Kellyanne Conway again is at the center of an attack by mainstream media.

Kellyanne Conway is again under a microscope via mainstream media, this time for something very innocent. The internet and specifically Twitter was overwhelmed with postings about one simple picture that was taken of Conway in the Oval Office. The picture would be forwarded, posted, and re-posted all over social media within hours. There was a great deal of outcry over the picture, with some liberal writers pointing to the picture being racist and disrespectful on the part of Kellyanne Conway.

The picture of Kellyanne Conway that would take the internet by storm.

With the heavy accusations and a massive amount of outcry from mainstream media, one might think the content of the picture must be pretty extreme, graphic or literally contain a smoking gun. This is not the case, the picture merely captured a quick fleeting moment behind the scenes of a historic photo opportunity within the White House. This photo was nothing unusual, yet it was taken out of context and turned into something of a major news event.

Twitter posters like Shaun King quickly ran with a single image of Conway seated on a sofa in the Oval Office. Instead of focusing on the leadership in the room, reporters took to harassing Conway for sitting on the sofa. The importance of the large group of leaders from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) was overshadowed by the frenzy of Twitter activity concerning Conway’s feet. While this historic gathering was honored by President Trump, the overall community could not look past the obsession with Conway’s momentary seated position on a sofa.

It really was never actually about Conway or how she was seated. The anger started long before she walked into the room as many were simply angry that members from the HBUC leadership met with the president. Focusing on Conway and throwing out accusations of everything from disrespect to racism based on a single picture taken that day was merely the quickest way to spew anger on the internet. In the frenzy of faking outrage, many posters couldn’t even agree on what was actually in the picture.

The outrage focused on Conway taking off her shoes, while others were angry she had the nerve to put her shoes on the furniture in the Oval Office. No one could agree what the picture actually showed, they were just mad about it. Others were quick to point out that Conway was using her phone instead of interacting with the leaders in the room out of disrespect. She, of course, was texting or checking social media instead of participating in any meaningful way.

There were to be conspiracy theories as well, with some tying Conway with the Oscar night mistake. To be fair it did not seem to matter what was pictured, and no one seemed to care about the significance of the leaders in the room. It came down to shoes or no shoes on the sofa.

Just as the single photo would take the internet by storm for days, journalists started to look into why it was so easy for the mainstream media to create a story out of nothing. Photos surfaced of the moments before the now-infamous picture was taken, showing a helpful Kellyanne Conway taking a quick photo of this historic event.

Conway snapping photos of the leaders from the HBCU during the meeting with President Trump.

There was, in fact, no disrespect on the part of Conway towards the honored White House guests. A simple snapshot taken out of context with a story created by mainstream media. This is fake news at it’s best.

With this fake news story outed, it is important to take a look at just why this happened in the first place. For posters like Shaun King, there was a need to overshadow a successful meeting with President Trump. He was not happy these leaders were even photographed with President Trump as evident in yet another tweet. Conway would just be a smoke screen for this bigger issue.

Mainstream media roasted Conway for her kneeling position on that sofa much as they ridiculed a particular intern during the Clinton years. Again they look beyond the obvious disrespect for the Oval Office and focus on a double standard.

The shoes on the furniture were never the issue. The accusations of disrespect from Conway towards the invited guests was never an issue. It simply comes down to a double standard and a story that was far too easy to fake.

Mainstream media enjoyed the often relaxed style of Obama in the White House as he was pictured countless times with his feet on the furniture in the Oval Office or even using the historical desk in the Oval Office as a seat. Obama putting his feet up did not turn into anything beyond a well shared candid moment within the White House.

Mrs. Obama would also be photographed shockingly (or not) with her feet on the furniture. Again this was well within the relaxed personality of the Obamas’. Mainstream loved this about the first family, and the current outrage was missing from those cherished photos.

Clearly, the created and overexaggerated sense of shock and outrage with claims of racism, disrespect or poor upbringing hiding in that single photo of Kellyanne Conway was another creation of the mainstream media. A meeting that should have highlighted the importance of the HBCU leadership would be overshadowed by a prime example of the double standard of the liberal agenda.