Hillary Now Claims She Lost to Trump Due to Being a Woman

(WND) Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, the star of the Democratic Party until last Nov. 8 when she bombed out against GOP candidate Donald Trump, says she lost because of her gender.

“You know you’re going to be subject to unfair and beside-the-point criticism,” she said recently in response to a question on the difficulties of women running for office.

The London Daily Mail reported on her comments at a recent appearance at Wellesley College, an elite East Coast school from which she graduated nearly five decades ago.

The paper said that three months after losing to Trump, Hillary Clinton “is still struggling to come to terms with her defeat but at least she can laugh about it now.”

The report noted that one student asked her, “What would you change about your campaign,” and Clinton responded with, “I’d win.”

Her talk was behind closed doors in a room from which media were banned.

The publicized topic was “Women’s leadership and opportunities.”

The Mail noted her comments now have leaked out on Twitter.

At Western Journalism, Andrew Kerr wrote, “Clinton’s refusal to offer any sort of introspection on her failed bid for the president is representative of a democratic party that has yet to receive closure on its losses in November.”

He continued, “Months after the election wrapped up, Clinton has yet to offer the party, nor her donors who have over $1 billion to her cause, any sort of detailed accounting on why she lost the race…”

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