Former Obama AG Loretta Lynch joining the "coup" against President Trump with a call to "arms."

As the MSM continues to distract the American people with its unfounded goose chase into Russia intrigue, Obama loyalists from inside and outside of government agencies are organizing for more disruption and chaos in US streets.

The latest antagonizer? Long-time Clinton lawyer and Obama’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. It is not enough Lynch turned a blind eye to the violent and destructive Black Lives Matters movement, even openly supporting it as the highest law enforcement agent in the US.

It is not enough Lynch attempted to keep quiet a secret meeting with Bill Clinton on Clinton’s private jet days before the DOJ and FBI announced there would be no charges filed against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Charges that could have ended with imprisonment of Clinton for her reckless and illegal email server, which jeopardized national security and may have even led to the Benghazi attacks and the death of an American ambassador.

And more recently, all indications are Lynch ordered the wire tapping and surveillance of then presidential candidate Trump within days of the same “secret” meeting on Clinton’s jet.

Lynch was caught existing Bill Clinton's jet just days before letting Hillary off the hook and ordering federal spying on then presidential candidate Trump.

No it is not enough Lynch is guilty of negligence of office, if not right out treason, during her reign as attorney general. Now the Obama/Clinton loyalist is leading the charge for more violence and chaos to be initiated across the nation. Calling for a massive uprising of violent acts, even saying deaths will be needed to move the country “forward.”


Forward to what? A complete “transformation” of the United States which, Obama so often referred to on the campaign trail in 2008; one designed to dissolve the Constitution, a sacred foundational document which Obama says is “fundamentally flawed?”

A “transformation” to move the nation closer to an “open borders” global society in which a few elitists will have complete control over all resources, wealth and the masses?”

The American Mirror has uncovered a recent video of Lynch encouraging and endorsing violent protests, disruption in the streets and to the current administration. Worse is the video appears to be sponsored by Progressive Senate Democrats, as it ends with the Senate Democrat logo.

In a partial clip of the video revealed on American Mirror’s website, Lynch states:


“They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.”

Lynch does not identify who “they” are in her reference. Exactly who are “they” who have previously died, and who is she addressing in her call to arms?

There are only three movements on US soil in which a civil uprising led to the deaths of Americans: The American Revolution, the Civil War, and the radically led 60s protests by the Weather Underground and Obama associates Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who both got away with first degree murders on “technicalities.”

The civil rights movement during the same era led to violence and deaths, but not at the bequest or urging of the leader, Martin Luther King Jr. The historic minister despised violence and preached a message of “peaceful” civil disobedience and resistance. A message of color blind love for one another and one designed to bring people together, not tear the nation apart.


Those who became involved with the civil rights movement and were responsible for violent acts and protests were Malcolm X and his Black Panthers. A message of hate and division still being actively promoted today by Obama, Lynch and his other loyalists including Bill Ayers, regardless of what the MSM is “reporting.”

The answer to the question of who are “they” Lynch is rallying are the radicals from the 60s who have, through clandestine activities over the years, usurped the power and wealth to finish what they started: A complete “transformation” of the United States.

"They are the former members of Bill Ayers Weather Underground who united with the Black Panthers in the 60s and are at the helm with today's Black Lives Matters violent protests.

The same Alinsky disciples who fought the “system” in the 60s have, with much help from Ayers, taken over the US education system, especially college campuses. They are responsible for much of the revisionist “history” and lies being fed to students through a well-organized indoctrination system, using the Dept. Of Education, founded by former president Jimmy Carter, also a George Soros “globalist.”

“They” have infiltrated and usurped the Democratic Party, which is now a “progressive” political machine with a platform and “idealism” to divide and conquer a nation from the inside. “They” are willing to cheat, lie, steal, corrupt and do whatever it takes to achieve “their” agenda, while justifying it to young impressionable minds as being “the right thing to do.”

“They” are behind the LBGT movement and “gender fluidity” march to confuse and abuse emotionally and physically young children. Those in the LBGT community are merely pawns and expendable as all others are in this nation. They, in the end like the rest, will be “collateral” damage.

“They” have taken control of the free press and “transformed” it into their own personal and political propaganda machine by buying out all newspapers and television stations across the country. All of these media outlets are owned by six elitist controlled companies with all having ties to Soros’ “Open Society” foundation and his spiderweb of hundreds of “nonprofit” entities.

“Progressive” organizations funding political, financial and social chaos on global proportions; the very chaos and disruption now in the US. A Soros led evil movement that does not let “a good crisis go to waste.” Yet, little is reported on the fact ALL of these “crisis” are being intentionally created by “they,” the same individuals whom Lynch refers to in her video.

If you want to know who “they” are and what the “agenda” is, read Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals and research Obama’s number one go to man for “science” and “technology,” John Holdren. This former Obama czar is a radical from the 60s who espouses a eugenist view of the world in which all “undesirables” should be exterminated. He co-authored a book in the 70s with two other Alinsky/ Margaret Sanger elitists called “Eco Justice.” The book is a chilling insight into the thinking and idealism of a future society “they” hope to create worldwide.

“They” however, were not counting on a revolt by the American people through truths being exposed by the development of the worldwide web. “They” were not expecting conservative media outlets rising independently outside of their control such as “Fox News,” Breitbart and pundits like Glenn Beck, Shawn Hannity, Mark Levin and Bill O’Reilly who sought to expose the truth being hidden in the “shadows.”

Fox News exploded overnight and led to the thousands of alternative sources of “real” news and truths the MSM and “they” seek to “discredit” in their attempts to convince the American people is “fake news.”

“They” were not expecting a revolt by one whom “they” saw as their own, Donald Trump.

It is no secret President Trump was a major contributor to the Democrat Party for years, even backing both Bill and Hillary Clinton in the past. But something changed in recent years shortly after the DNC cheating its way to get Obama the nomination and the presidency In 2008. Acts by DNC leadership that opened the eyes of the real estate mogul and believer in the foundation government created by the founding fathers.

“They” want us to believe it is the Russians behind the espionage, intrigue and propaganda that led to the fall of their anointed heir apparent to their “kingdom,” Hillary. Yet, “they” already had a plan B should Hillary be defeated, one being implemented on a vast and massive level with inside moles at the top levels of government including the CIA, as is being exposed on a daily basis and here on this site.

“They” knew they would have a “winner” regardless who became president. If one of “their” own took the helm, like Hillary, the “agenda” would continue. But if not, then “they,” being in control of mass media, see it as an opportunity to divide the American people even more and conquer the nation using “chaos” and “crisis” “they” will create.

As a former insider among these elitists, the American people need to take the accusations of President Trump seriously since he himself was one of “they.” One who turned against the “agenda” and sought to reverse the damage done with his bid for the highest office in the land.

Why? Because “they” know President Trump knows the truth behind their actions. He knows all the deceitful tricks, manipulations of the system and the means and methods of how “they” plan to move the nation “forward” as Lynch states.

“They” are scared and “they” should be. The “war” is far from over, it has only just begun.