In healthcare today, there are a number of camps. There is the camp on the left that says that everyone should get free healthcare and that no one should have any need (or in some cases, wants, as in elective procedures) unmet. There are those that think that a system should be set up that can be paid into voluntarily so that those sick can be cared for and so can the person paying into it, as needed. Those who do not pay in are on their own. There are even those who don’t think that anyone should pay for the health care needs of anyone else at all…period.

The Washington Post reported that Congressman Thomas Massie is warning of the American Action Network (AAN)  “running ads against conservatives who haven’t agreed to vote for Obamacare 2.0;” Politicians who refuse to align themselves with the new bill are being attacked and smeared.


This means that no one on any of the three sides is getting their say or a chance to voice how they would like to see the health care bill play out. Instead, it is “sign onto this watered down version of what Trump wanted or else we will make you sound horrible to everyone with money that we spend to destroy your political career.” Is this what our founding father envisioned as debate?


The American Action Network is connected to Cantor and Boehner, among others.  Boehner was one of the key RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) who destroyed the Tea Party for a time by watering that message down when sent to Washington to preserve it. It is also being reported that “D.C lobbyists and the GOP leadership” is involved in the malice, something that is expected by those who know Washington swamp corruption. There is a lot of lobby money tied to keeping things as they are in Obamacare for RINO’s, no matter what they claim when running for office. As we have seen, that means higher profits for certain medical industry big shots and the hose for everyone else. It means high deductibles, terrible service, and a structure as wobbly as  Jenga blocks.

Showing even more corruption, it is known that the biggest donors to the AAN are pharmaceutical manufacturers. This means that next time you fall down the stairs and break something(s), a loved one gets some terrible illness, or even a good case of pneumonia sweeps in, the coverage for everyone is going to be more expensive due to these manufacturers. This is saying that the very companies that make the drugs and decide what they demand to be paid for their drugs are getting to decide what TrumpCare is going include as their payment!  Deciding one’s own worth based upon one’s own dictates instead of the market must be nice. To ensure this, lobbyists donate a fortune to things like campaigns and AAN ads.

The argument from the drug companies is that they require money in order to find new drugs. Research costs are not cheap, hiring the best chemists and doctors to invent these concoctions are not cheap, and nothing else in the process is very affordable, either. However, above even those, the massive profits that these drug giants see can only be described as gross. It would be called price gouging if done by any other industry on the market, yet it is free to destroy lives with the support now of the GOP.

If this goes badly, president Trump is going to be blamed for it. The fact is, Harry Truman had “the buck stops here” on his desk for a reason. At the end of the day, it is Donald Trump who is president of the nation, not the AAN. It will prove him to be even more unpopular among those that hate him or are on the fence if he does the right thing and steps in, but what haven’t such people uproared about?

It seems that Trump knows that the fines were the most unpopular part of the scheme among those who did not use insurance very often. Getting rid of just that one burden makes this 100% better than Obamacare, and he knows this fully. However, among those who did have to use insurance once Obama infected America with the Affordable Care Act, it is known that there are other serious issues here. Costs of care and costs of even getting the insurance are both so high that using it means bankruptcy for most families in America. That is the sad truth of the matter, the elephant in the room that no one seems to want to address.

All of these facts means that, if insurance is to be offered on a large scale, Romney was right. Despite his many flaws, he was doing the care on a state level. He was not trying a one size fits federal all approach. For that matter, some states such as New York would likely find that the one size approach even fails to address the nuances within that one state.  Rather than look at how this could actually be of benefit to people who chose to enter in, our Congress is letting drug companies benefit themselves first.

The new bill does not force anyone into it, at least from can be gathered thus far. It also has a rather clever way of keeping temporary patients from abusing the system by only getting covered once they feel ill. TrumpCare is proposing a 30% increase in costs for those who allow their insurance to lapse (except in cases of unemployment illness, etc where they would then be eligible for low-income benefits like anyone else). This is so that the plan will not crumble from abuse that would prove too costly to keep it afloat otherwise.

Trump has handled the issue sort of the same way that handled companies that send our jobs away. He wants to tax about 30% companies that offshore because the are breaking the system. He is not forbidding offshoring anymore than he is forcing anyone into health care. Instead, he is simply making it so that those who do choose to use TrumpCare are not a detriment to it.

The real concern all boils down to three things. One is the fines which, thankfully, are extinct in Trump’s plan. Issue two and three are “will deductible prices come down to where they were before Obama ruined everything?”, and “will the price of the actual coverage itself come down?”. If NOT, then America won’t be in much better shape than they were before, they just won’t be getting fined at tax time for saying it.