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CNN just DESTROYED for “communist” attacks

Source: Horn News

Conservative commentator Michael Savage just destroyed CNN — and what he said left conservatives cheering.

Finally, someone with the guts to say what most Americans are thinking.

During an appearance on Newsmax TV on Friday, Savage unloaded on CNN’s shameful bias against President Donald Trump, and compared the corporate network to Soviet propaganda newspapers that thrived under dictators like Joseph Stalin.

“What do we say about them that hasn’t been said hundred times? What do we need to know about the Wolf Blitzers and the Jake Tappers of the world, to be specific?” Savage said to Steve Malzberg. “They work for the Democratic Party. They are part in parcel of Pravda or Izvestia,” two communist party papers in the former USSR.

“They are the mouthpiece of the far left, pretending to be objective journalists,” Savage continued, citing the mainstream media’s failure to properly cover last week’s tragic ax attack in Germany.

The savage assault was carried out by an unvetted Muslim migrant, and left nearly a dozen innocent people seriously injured.

“When you have an attack yesterday, in Germany, by an Islamist murderer with an axe and…. they don’t even call them a jihadi, they call him a deranged man,” Savage continued. “I mean, what are we going to do if we don’t identify the enemy themselves? How can we ever win the war against radical Islam?”

Of course, CNN has been a frequent target for Trump.

The president has called the liberal network “very fake news” and the “Clinton News Network” — and warned that fake news was an “enemy of the people” of America.

We couldn’t agree more.

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