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It’s the kind of outrageous story one expects to come from San Francisco, not Iowa — but former President Barack Obama’s legacy has poisoned even Des Moines.

At a recent basketball tournament, students from Valley High School got into the school spirit by dressing up in patriotic outfits to stand out in the crowd — a semi-tradition at the school.

Local liberals were horrified… and their outrage applied enough pressure that the students ended up apologizing for their patriotism!

That’s because their opponent, Des Moines North, has a few students from refugee families on their team — and angry liberals thought displaying Old Glory was offensive to these migrants that now live in America.

In the aftermath, Valley’s administration encouraged their students to apologize.

According to Fox News Insider, “The students, however, argued that themed attire was worn at previous games and it was not meant to make a statement toward the rival side.”

For example, local station WHOTV reported that Valley High students did the same theme — red, white, and blue — during a football game against rival Dowling Catholic, a nearby private school, in the fall.

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Eventually, however, the Valley High School Student Leadership council released the following apology after the game —

To the Students and Staff of North High School:

It has been brought to our attention that the decision by the Valley High School student section to wear U.S.A. apparel at our game last night was offensive to members of your community and fan base. We are deeply sorry if we have offended anyone in any way. We have traditionally dressed in such a fashion for great games such as the one last night. Everyone here at Valley has immense respect not only for your team and players but for your community as a whole. Please know that our intent was in no way to offend or demean — just to support our own team in a way we have done before.

Congratulations on a wonderful season and we wish you nothing but the best of luck in the future.


Valley High School Student Council Leadership

When did young people loving their country and proudly displaying their patriotism become offensive?

— The Horn editorial team