Obama busted

When former President Barack Obama left the White House, it signaled a new change in the country. Obama claimed that he would have a transparent administration, but that was just another lie. There were plenty of secret, and horrible, deals that occurred while he was in office.

One of the secret deals that took place was the Obama administration’s decision to send $1.7 billion to Iran in exchange for four American hostages. To this day, members of Congress don’t know how the deal took place, or even what the details were.

Those that tried to get information found themselves blocked as well. The Obama administration spent a lot of time and money blocking various Freedom of Information Act requests. In fact, his administration spent a record $36.2 million in his final year covering the legal costs to hide these documents from people. All they wanted to know was what the government was really doing.

It should also be mentioned that the $36.2 million is all taxpayer funded as well. That means that American citizens were footing the bill for the Obama administration to act in private. So much for a transparent administration.

President Barack Obama

The Obama administration spent all this money defending its refusal to fork over federal records. Even though the records were requested using the Freedom of Information Act, the Obama administration still shut them down.

This updated information comes on the heels of an Associated Press analysis of U.S. data. This report shows poor performances in other categories that are meant to measure transparency in the federal government. Once again, President Obama showed that he was just another politician that couldn’t keep his promises.

It might be asked who the original record holder for times that an administration denied citizens, journalists and others information was. The answer was Obama, again! This was the second consecutive year that the administration set a record for its refusal to turn over documents.

They really told these journalists and citizens that the information they asked about couldn’t be found. It’s something that is among one of the more ridiculous statements that the administration has said to the public.

The administration didn’t just say that they couldn’t find the documents either. Obama’s last year in office also set a record for the most flat-out denials of access to files. The Obama administration refused to quickly consider requests that were even described as newsworthy.

The most disgusting aspect of this was they forced people to pay for records who had asked the government to waive the fees associated with them. Yes, the Obama administration actually forced people to pay for access to the records. How in the world is that considered transparent?

Not to mention that Obama himself even spoke about how the truth needs to be disclosed. As he said in his very own words, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” Considering that the Obama administration spent a record $36.2 million covering legal costs, it begs one question.

What was the Obama administration hiding? As stated before, there were a lot of secret deals that went down during the last year Obama was in office. It’s fairly obvious that the Obama administration didn’t want people knowing about the other deals.

They never disclosed details about the Iran deal that sent nearly $2 billion to the nation. In fact, when members of Congress wanted to look at it, they had to go through their own process just to even see it. This is clearly showing that the administration had something to hide.

There is also no way that Democrats can claim that Obama was a transparent president. He spent a RECORD amount of taxpayer money stopping people from seeing what he was doing. How in the world could that be described as transparent?

If someone were to listen to what the Democrats had to say however, they would claim that Trump isn’t transparent. They make that claim because he hasn’t released his tax returns. However, what is more important: seeing the tax returns for one person, or seeing the details of a $1.7 billion payment to a nation that wants to kill Americans? The answer is pretty clear.

Then again, Democrats don’t have their priorities straight. They are still reeling from the election loss, which prompted several Democratic voters to want to change the election process. Apparently some Democratic lawmakers agreed, as they pushed forward with a bill that would change how election winners are chosen. They would go with a popular vote instead of the Electoral College.

These are the same people that thought they would prove a point about Trump’s illegal immigration orders. During Trump’s first speech to Congress, several Democratic lawmakers said that they would be bringing illegal immigrants to watch him speak. Again, this was to try and change opinion, but it didn’t accomplish much.

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