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Tucker Carlson Reveals the REAL Meddler in the Election, and it’s Not Russia [VIDEO]


Philip Hodges

Of course it’s not Russia.

People will often accuse us of being Russia and Putin apologists simply because we point out that there is no reason to believe that Russia influenced the U.S. election in Trump’s favor.

I’m certainly not a Sudan or Omar al-Bashir (Sudan’s president) apologist either, and I don’t think they had anything to do with influencing our election in Trump’s favor. But if someone were to choose Sudan as a random scapegoat as to why Hillary Clinton lost, they’d probably accuse me of being a Sudan apologist. I promise you, I want nothing to do with Sudan. They are a role model for no one. But that doesn’t mean that they must be guilty of hacking our election, does it? They’re guilty of a lot of terrible things. But not messing with our election.

The same goes for Russia. Just because we point out that there’s been no evidence presented or reason to believe that Russia is behind Hillary’s loss, doesn’t mean we must love Putin. We shouldn’t trust Putin. We shouldn’t trust Russia. Like most countries, they’re interested in what can be done to benefit them. 

Yet, as you well know, this has been the predominant narrative in the media. They’ve been saying it over and over and over again, until a majority of their viewership has accepted it as self-evident. By now, there’s no need for evidence. Everyone just knows it’s true.

Tucker Carlson pointed out that the biggest meddler in our election was NBC News. The media claims that Russia hacked into the DNC and John Podesta’s email account and released a bunch of really embarrassing emails exposing the Hillary Clinton campaign. But then, the narrative was that nothing Wikileaks released was damaging or even interesting. It was mostly “routine stuff,” as former President Obama put it.

But there was nothing “routine” about the Access Hollywood tape that got leaked. That was far more damaging to Trump’s image than anything Wikileaks published regarding Hillary Clinton. I think when the Access Hollywood tape was released, most of us thought candidate Trump was done. Hillary was a shoo-in at that point.

Alas, it didn’t work.

But just because NBC’s leak didn’t work to stop Trump, didn’t mean what they did was irrelevant. Trump won in spite of the media’s efforts to meddle in our election by actively trying to derail his campaign – in the same way they accuse Russia of trying to derail Hillary’s campaign by exposing “routine stuff” about her.

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