On Tuesday, the Senate gave Donald Trump a measure to increase the number of applicants for unemployment benefits who can be tested for drug abuse. Trump has declared that he would sign the measure as a “cancellation of ‘unnecessary regulations,‘” according to Fox 10 News. The GOP has long said that the Obama administration was rather soft on drug-testing those applying for benefits. It’s something that they have also longed to change.

Congress specifically intended to provide states the ability to determine which applicants for unemployment insurance should be drug-tested,” is what Ted Cruz had to say on the matter. He added, “The Obama Department of Labor substantially narrowed the law to circumstances where testing is legally required, not merely allowed.” Under the new plan, it seems that everyone who applies will be drug tested upon signing up.


The fact that applicants must sign up of their own free will is important. It negates the common sense Fourth Amendment issues outlined by Oregon’s Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden. He said “if you’re looking for work, you’re guilty of drug use until being proven innocent,” which would be the case if it wasn’t voluntary to apply for the help. This is a VERY important distinction, as our God-given libertarian free will mandates that government has no role in saying what people do or don’t do if no one is harmed. However, when the government is paying, then in that instance, it can be allowed.

It is more than somewhat ironic that the Democrats really only care about the Fourth Amendment when it opposes Donald Trump. When New York City mayors were dictating by edict what size pop someone was allowed to buy, almost no one on the left said anything. Most said something along the lines of “well soda is bad for you, no one needs that much.” While that is certainly true in every regard, what right did government have to get involved? After all, isn’t fat shaming bad for SJW’s still?

Both sides of the isle are wrong about things like DUI checkpoints being legal. They are a government/police intrusion into everyone’s life who did NOT sign up for assistance and who have a legal right to be left alone. There are certainly a lot more people on the GOP side of the thought process than on the Democrat side talking about such things. However, on this issue they have a huge problem.

Then again, let us allow the left to take us down this path of thought, shall we? If they are saying that government is intruding on the rights of those who willfully sign those rights away, then the government should simply stop being involved in the plan at all. Some taxpayers don’t mind if those seeking work partake in certain substances, and some don’t want a penny of their taxes going to anyone who so much as thinks about drugs while on the dole. This is why “unemployment benefits” were not something outlined in the Constitution as a role of the government.


If Uncle Sam walked away from the issue, then wouldn’t the private sector erupt with a whole slew of programs and “insurances” that could be paid into for one’s OWN unemployment? That would be a novel idea; just using the money that one pays to the government instead into one’s own account. The Democrats could be onto something here, though it can be reasoned that they will like what they just proved very much. Seems a pity too, since most of the GOP would sign up for the idea rather rapidly in great numbers.

For those that wanted a pool system like the unemployment plan that exists today, those too would likely open up. This is because the average man or woman would be inspired to fill the need and make a bit of money in the process. The government hires people to handle unemployment claims, so why can’t the private sector be given the opportunity to do a better job? This is the LAST thing that Democrats want to suggest by fighting this drug testing because they are going to prove Republicans right if they do.

Unless Wyden would like to consider such options, it would be in his best interests to sit down and remain as quiet as humanly possible. If government money is going to be used then that means, at least for a moment, they are the boss. The boss sometimes issues drug tests as something that they feel is important to their business or company. If people wish to band together and make that practice illegal then they are free to do so. As it stands, no one has done that yet, so it does not apply to the conversation.

America is famous for allowing the government to overstep the boundaries of our rights and hardly even noticing long enough to yawn. When it now adjusts the purse strings, something that government is allowed to do according to the Constitution, THEN the Democrats have a conniption. One has to wonder just how much of this is moral outrage and how much of it is just pandering to the Trump-haters. There are few other conclusions that can be reached when the matter is fully looked at.

Now that the bill is moving forward, let us remember that we elected Donald Trump so that we won’t see the kinds of unemployment that we have become accustomed to. Today we act as if joblessness has always been this bad, but that is not the case. The president and the people that he surrounds himself with are going to create an economy where this new measure will affect less and less people. We are, after all, talking about those who have no jobs and who are losing both their hopes and their homes. If this is “normal,” then no wonder so many of them are using drugs.