Donald Trump you are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have Barack Obama back, also you have tiny hands.” Those were the words that greeted America’s leader from the Twitter account of McDonald’s. While blaming a hack for the tweet, perhaps McDonald’s is a disgusting excuse for a restaurant. While the Ronald McDonald House may be one of the best charities in the United States, the food that is sold there isn’t. It’s filled with some of the most dangerous toxins allowed in the food chain.

Twitter notified us that our account was compromised. We deleted the tweet, secured our account and are now investigating this,” said a replacement tweet. At least they are likely immune from the coming boycott that would have hit them like a tidal wave otherwise. We all remember how Trump bashing worked for both Target and Kelloggs, as profits fell like an asteroid.


Some questions were raised over the fact that Trump did not get an apology from them personally. It could be seen as strange due to the fact that the president likes their food. Then again, when a hack just happens and some troll makes a poorly masked sexual member joke to the highest ranking person in the land, it’s understandable why it hasn’t happened. That is at least somewhat forgivable to anyone who has seen a computer crash or some such issue while working.

With over a million people seeing Trump’s picture of him eating a victory McDonald’s burger to celebrate his delegate count, it is unlikely that this tweet was on purpose. One Twitter user did humorously ask if Carlos Danger had hacked the account when it was suggested that a “disgruntled” or anti-Trump worker did it. That is certainly possible, as well. Some leftists are raising money and stumping to have the tweet put back up which, to be fair, most of the right would happily do to the left if the shoe were on the other foot. That is just too funny to NOT to do.


The reason that McDonald’s is a disgrace for a restaurant is not because a rogue Trump hater posted this tweet. Hacks do happen, and they took the tweet down immediately. They’re not a disgrace even though the food that they prepare tastes bad because that is not true, either. It’s because McDonald’s KNOWINGLY uses some of the most dangerous ingredients allowed into the food chain! For a season when few knew any better they could be forgiven for such an error. However, we know the harm now, and it’s simply disgusting.

While they have warned potato suppliers against GMO potatoes which may or may not be in use, they are not nearly as astute as other chains are becoming. Thankfully they are getting better than the injected half meat that was McNuggets, but they are still said to use various parts of the bird that are best left not mentioned to form them. They still use factory farmed meat too, something that exposes everyone eating it to chemicals, antibiotics, and worse. Some farmers feed antibiotics to animals when they are not even sick because they are kept so poorly that disease would kill them all if not. This is causing a terrible problem in modern medicine.

They are, to their credit, taking the VERY dangerous, but somehow still legal high fructose corn syrup out of their bread. They are “removing artificial preservatives from items on the menu including Chicken McNuggets, omelets, and scrambled eggs,” according to Mercola. Still, the biggest disgrace is that McDonald’s claims to not use GMO at all.

Except that isn’t true. “GMO alfalfa hay is also commonly fed to cows. So basically, conventionally raised cows are almost entirely getting their food from GMOs — food that was created in a laboratory, that hasn’t been tested long term, but has produced horrific results in several alarming animal studies.” They love to hide this truth from the public. They also hide the dangers of antibiotic overuse, which is making our bodies immune to their healing effective power when needed.

Some will argue that a person knows what they are eating when they pull up to the window, but that is hardly an excuse for poisoning someone. While many do not want to spend an extra $2.00 for an organic burger that is made of real meat, some do. Many eaters know that GMO’s and chemicals cause cancer in every study where they were fed to rats and other animals under test conditions. They know that McDonald’s burgers don’t ever turn green, rot, or spoil like real food does because it is not real food. It is preservatives and meat collected from a number of factory farms that use GMO’s, bone meal, chemicals, processing preservative and God only knows what else.


The solution to this, as McDonald’s numbers fall (they still sell 75 burgers per second!), is so simple that even Grimace could see it. If they would simply offer their usual “food” as well as offer organic options that may cost more for those who choose it, the problem would be fixed without much effort put in. Sure, a sign would have to go up that some food may be prepared where non-organic food is prepared creating a possibility of mild cross contamination, but that’s nothing. Anyone THAT concerned is not health conscious, but obsessive compulsive. They likely won’t be at McDonald’s anyhow.

People are waking up in matters of food consumption are just like those in various political realms are opening their eyes, too. Cancers are just becoming too common, for it used to be a rather rare occurrence for someone to have the dreaded disease. We have found the problem is in our food to some degree and that is making us sick. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and all of the rest used regular meat at one time. Why does it have to be today that people have no idea what they are consuming? If these chains do not start at least offering both choices, places like Chipotle are going to own the market. Look for cancer rates to drop afterward rather quickly.