In the United States, the right to vote is considered an important right. Every history class teaches about how people have done what they could to obtain this right. As with anything important nowadays, there are people out there that want to abuse it.

In the case of voting, it’s voter fraud. In order to cast a ballot in an election, the possible voter must be over the age of 18 and a legal citizen of the country. In addition, they must be registered where they live to vote and can only vote once. These are not difficult rules, yet they are being broken all too often.

There is a way to fight voter fraud and it involves voter identification laws. If someone has to prove who he or she is, it’s going to make it a lot harder to illegally vote. However, even though this is a good idea, the Democrats are completely against it.


Under former President Barack Obama, the Department of Justice was in a legal fight with the state of Texas. They were arguing a voter ID law that Texas had adopted. This battle had been going on for six years, and would have possibly gone on longer had Hillary Clinton won.

However, since Donald Trump won his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, ordered the DOJ to stop the legal battle against this Texas voter ID law. It’s an important legal win for Texas, and other states are starting to get the same idea. Since Sessions ordered this, multiple state legislatures are pushing voter ID laws of their own.

The Texas voter ID law was controversial under Obama. In 2011, the Texas Republican majority passed a strict voter ID law. It forced potential voters to show a driver’s license, passport or any other government-issued photo ID before they voted. Essentially this was Texas’s way of getting rid of the voter fraud that might occur.


Then the Obama administration stepped in and managed to block the law in 2013. That was when the Justice Department sued the state of Texas over this law. A federal appeals court ruled in 2016 that the law was discriminatory against minorities without IDs. As a result, they said the legislation needed to be loosened.

It’s discriminatory against those that want to vote illegally though! How fair is it that someone who might not even be a legal citizen of the country is voting, when voting rights are reserved for citizens only? It’s not, and thankfully the country has an Attorney General that sees that.

After Sessions withdrew from the legal fight, he had officials from the Justice Department contact other liberal activist groups. These were groups that were contacted: The Brennan Center for Justice, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the NAACP and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

This is also an important victory for the United States. Democrats are not concerned with voter ID laws because the people voting illegally are voting for them! Of course they wouldn’t want to take away votes from their own Party. However, once again, they are putting the needs of others in front of the needs of Americans.

How is it fair that an American citizen has to wait 18 years before they can vote, and someone who isn’t allowed to vote does so anyway? This problem would be corrected with these voter ID laws. That’s not how the Democrats work though. They want to make sure that the people who shouldn’t be voting continue to do so anyways.

There were multiple instances where Democrats called on illegals to go to the voting booths during last year’s election. Considering the absence of voter ID laws, they could just walk up and vote without having to prove anything. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too shocking to find out that former President Obama was calling on illegals to go out and vote on Election Day.

Democrats will also do what they can to stop any investigations of voter fraud from occurring. A federal judge that was appointed by Obama actually denied an investigation into voter fraud. Despite the fact that this was occurring right before the election, the judge still stopped the investigation from going through.

Soon enough, liberals just started calling all instances of voter fraud “fake news.” That was what Obama did right before he left office. Instead of accepting the fact that these voter ID laws would stop voter fraud, Obama just didn’t want to hear it at all. This is something that is deeply disturbing, to say the least.

Obama might have claimed that accusations of voter fraud are “fake news,” but some election results say the opposite. A group that specializes in seeing if there were illegal votes found that millions of fake votes were cast. To the shock of nobody, it was discovered that nearly all of the three million illegal votes were from Democrats. This, compounded with the claims that Trump made that he lost the popular vote because of illegal votes, is extremely interesting.

Share this article with everyone to show that more and more state legislatures are pushing their own voter ID proposals. They have a chance of being upheld now that the Justice Department has Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the helm. Now that he is in charge, these new bills have a chance of passing.