After serving 10 years in federal prison for the brutal attack of his daughter, ICE agents assisted in deporting Khalid Adem.

Mainstream media has plastered much of the internet with sad stories about illegals being deported. They have painted the hard-working Americans serving as ICE agents as the enemy. ICE is simply performing their duties to protect the public. Deportations may not be easy, but they are often a necessary part of national security.

ICE agents are protecting citizens each time they work to deport someone who has broken the law. For the most part, MSM will not bother to tell their readers the full truth about deportations. The case of Khalid Adem is an example of how ICE is making the U.S safer.

As with many of the stories we have seen, Khalid Adem was deported even though he has family here. He is a father of a young child, and that fact will be used against ICE when the media tells the story.


It would be easy to paint Adem as only a father being ripped away from his family. One can take the details of his deportation out of context and even argue that he is being deported as a part of religious discrimination. Both of these fall under the category of “fake news.” This poor father has just served ten years in prison for the brutal mutilation of his daughter. The little girl was two at the time.

Adem was removed from the United States to protect our citizens. He served ten years for sexually mutilating his two-year-old daughter. He committed this atrocity with a simple pair of scissors.

In the United States, Adem’s act was deemed to be an aggravated assault and extreme cruelty to a child. Within our legal system, this act was a federal crime. In Adem’s native country the act would be a part of his religious freedoms. This was a case of female genital mutilation (FGM), a common occurrence in Ethiopia.

FGM, according to the World Health Organization,  involves the forceful removal or altering of female genital organs for non-medical reasons. There is are no physical benefit to this procedure and it is often done by someone without any medical background.


While it does not serve any medical purpose, FGM can have life-long consequences for the girls that are forced to endure it. This usually occurs between birth and the age of 15. On-going pain during urination, cysts, problems related to childbirth, infections and even a higher risk of newborn deaths are just some of the adverse side effects of this procedure.

FGM has been illegal in the United States since 1998. It is estimated that it still occurs within our borders with approximately 500,000 victims. Beyond the boundaries of the U.S., the practice is recognized globally as a human rights violation. There are over 200,000 million mutilated children worldwide.

Why is there no outrage for this father being deported? This story was too hard to put a positive spin on. The crime committed in this case was something even MSM could not manipulate.

Even if one can make the argument that Adem’s act was a part of his religious or cultural beliefs, it was a crime. Adem may have come to the U.S. searching for his version of the American Dream; instead, he broke the law.

The conviction of Adem was based on the changing views of female circumcision in many foreign countries. While this may be a part of their religious or cultural norm, it is not a practice that is widely accepted. The World Health Organization has taken an aggressive stance against the dangerous practice that scars and even kill young girls. FGM is now becoming something that is happening in hiding. It is now seen as a punishable offense and a violation of basic human rights.

Even if viewed as a part of a larger religious freedom, this act was punishable by the law in the United States. The irreversible damage to the young victim matters more than upholding a dangerous tradition. According to ICE:

“Female genital mutilation/cutting is a federal crime. Any involvement in committing this crime is a severe human rights violation which may result in imprisonment and potential removal from the U.S. Individuals suspected of female genital mutilation/cutting, including sending girls overseas to be cut, may be investigated by ICE’s Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center.”


The deportation of Khalid Adem is an example of the dedication ICE has to protect Americans as a collective. This also demonstrates how easy it is for media outlets to selectively leave out key details, painting someone like Adem as a victim of the system. The only victim, in this case, is the then two-year old who has to live with both physical and emotional scars tied to this violation.

In his native country of Ethiopia, Adem’s actions probably would have gone unnoticed. Regardless of that, it was not appropriate in the U.S. where Adem’s family was living.

This case is an extreme case of the deportations occurring now under the guidance of President Trump. In many, there are underlying crimes that are ignored by MSM to support their agenda. They often overlook the sins of those being deported to focus on the emotional stories. The crime here was especially alarming as it was an act of violence towards a child at the hands of her father.

Deportations are a common outcome for those who break the law and are apprehended by ICE agents. Whether is is a graphic crime like Adem’s case, gang activity, drug trafficking, or a host of other violations; the consequence of the offense is being forced to leave. This is not the fault of the ICE agents that risk their lives each day to uphold the safety of our borders.