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Yemeni Migrant Boat Attacked, Killing Over 40 People


Source: ABC, Reuters

A reported 42 people have lost their lives on a boat that was carrying refugees from the coast of Yemen into the Red Sea. The small boat was said to have been carrying Somali migrants.

This event took place near the port of Hodeidah, situated on the coast of Yemen. Mohammed Abshir Gedi, the deputy chairperson for the Somali community in Sanaa said the attacker(s) have not yet been identified.


Mohammed Gedi stated that 27 people were injured, including a young woman who lost her leg, while 32 people lost their lives from the heavy fire. However, estimates of the fatality toll are now at 42.

The authorities are still searching for those responsible, as eyewitness accounts report conflicting messages of bullets fired from a nearby boat, while others say it came from an overhead helicopter.


The American backed Saudi-led coalition was quick to announce they were not present in the area where the incident took place.

Gedi explained how these people were trying to find safe havens, trying to leave Yemen to find a better life. Gedi further said Yemen has been home to millions of Somali refugees who left the poverty and cruelty in their own country to find peace in Yemen, but Yemen itself has been caught in the onslaught of war.

Image Source: ABC – The body of a Somali refugee being carried to shore in Hodeidah, Yemen.

The United Nations has also condemned this attack. In reaction, the United Nations have deployed a team in Yemen to help the survivors and the families of those who were killed.

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