FBI Director James Comey now declaring war on right leaning conservative news sites.

It appears FBI Director James Comey is not only declaring war on President Trump and his associates. He is now investigating conservative news sites. Comey announced his intention yesterday to “look at” certain “right-leaning” media sites for potential collusion in his allegations of Russian espionage and cyber attacks to undermine the 2016 presidential election.

Is the stage being set to enforce censorship laws signed by former President Obama after President Trump was elected? The Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act (S.327) was attached to the NDAA bill as a midnight act to create a new “agency” within the state department. Its purpose is to crack down on alleged foreign “propaganda” and the spreading of “fake news” by online media outlets.

Is in not obvious where this new FBI “investigation” is heading?


As reported here, Comey admitted during testimony before the House Intelligence Committee yesterday, stories in the New York Times (NYT) and the Washington Post (WaPo) containing leaked classified information contained false information. However, when pressed for details, he refused to identify which stories and what facts were untrue.

If indeed the MSM giants have published stories with “fake news” then why is Comey only investigating conservative sites, specifically naming Breitbart and Infowars? If the Obama leftover FBI director is genuinely concerned about Russian operatives infiltrating the US press, then why not “look” into MSM media outlets as well?

Comey testified under oath there was a “whole, whole lot of information in the past two months that is just wrong.” Comey’s comment was directly in reference to the NYT and WaPo. So why are those two publications with proven falsehoods published being given a free pass?

This site recently exposed the $600 million contract Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has with the CIA and 17 other intelligence departments. Bezos is also the sole owner of WaPo and recently added former Clinton Chief of Staff and Hillary’s presidential campaign manager, John Podesta, to the publication’s top staff.

Bezo’s huge taxpayer funded government contract is through his Amazon Web Services company to provide “cloud” storage services to the agencies. Storage services that include classified and top secret documents. WaPo has published several stories in recent months that have included the illegal leaking of classified documents, which Comey under questioning admitted is a serious felony committed by whomever leaks the information.

Yet, Comey stated during yesterday’s hearing he will not “assure the American people” those leaks. It’s possible Obama’s illegal surveillance of Trump and his associates will ever be investigated. Why?

Is it not the specific sworn duty of the nation’s top law enforcement officer to investigate crimes being committed against private US citizens and illegal leaks that jeopardize national security?

Is this not a clear case of conflict of interest when the owner and publisher of WaPo also has a massive government contract with the same federal agencies who are in charge of investigating the so-called spreading of “fake news?”

The House Intelligence Committee opened its “investigation” into alleged Russian “email hacking” and spreading of “fake news” with a open public forum in which Comey testified live on air. In his opening statement, Comey announced there is an open investigation into President Trump and his associates, including cabinet picks. They are being investigated for possibly co-operating with Russian officials to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign and bid for her coveted presidency.

Progressive Dems on the committee continually focused on the unproven allegations regarding Russia; allegations suggesting alleged acts by Trump campaign advisors cost their dethroned darling of the Progressive Democratic Party the White House. However Comey and NSA chief Adm. Michael Rogers both testified the alleged Russian “interference” had no impact on the election results.

Why then waste valuable taxpayer resources and time in investigating allegations against President Trump, his cabinet picks and former campaign advisors when it has already been investigated and confirmed by the previous Obama chief James Clapper? Clapper has publicly stated there is no evidence of any collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.

Why is Comey refusing to investigate the real crimes that have been committed by obvious Obama leftover FBI and CIA staff in leaking dangerous classified information that jeopardizes the security of the nation and its citizens?

Is there an Obama and Progressive led “deep state” operation being implemented to undermine and take down President Trump and his administration? The evidence certainly points in that direction in recent months as has been exposed by conservative news outlets who have presented credible and verifiable facts.

Facts such as Obama’s staffed offices in the heart of DC. Facts that former Obama AG Loretta Lynch is calling for violent protests in the streets. Facts that Obama supporter and associate George Soros is funding the ACLU to bring multiple lawsuits against the Trump administration, as well as inciting and paying rioters to take to the streets to cause chaos and destruction.

These were facts revealed by Comey during the hearing. The MSM media is either being duped by those inside of the intelligence community to print false and misleading information to undermine Trump and his administration, or they are actively engaged and cooperating with elitists who seek to remove Trump from office.

Through hours of questioning and testimony, Comey nor Rogers revealed one shred of evidence that President Trump nor any of his associates had any connection with the alleged Russian intrigue. Instead Democrat members of the committee were allowed to give long diatribes of unfounded allegations against President Trump and his cabinet picks, including AG Jeff Sessions and State Department chief Rex Tillerson.

Allegations entered into the record as though true since neither Comey or Rogers would confirm nor deny whether there was any credibility to the Dem’s charges.

Comey’s repeated stock answer was “I am not going to comment on that,” when those allegations were challenged by GOP members of the committee, and also to any questions as to the dangerous and unprecedented amount of classified information leaks. He maintained it is the policy of the FBI not to comment on ongoing investigations.

Comey, however, was quick to comment on questions regarding Russia’s alleged undermining of Hillary’s presidential campaign. When asked for his opinion who was Russia’s “choice” for the highest office in the land, Comey was clear in his response. He responded that Russia favored Trump over Clinton and worked at multiple levels to infiltrate and undermine Clinton’s bid and ensure Trump would be the next president.

The Obama FBI chief went on to elaborate, in his opinion, Russian’s were successful in their efforts to undermine the democratic process of the election. He mainly pointing to the use of the internet and specifically right-leaning media outlets in spreading of “fake news.” But not once during his comments did Comey present the committee with any proof or documentation that supported his “opinion.”

Comey repeatedly used the FBI “policy” excuse for his refusal to answer the majority of questions asked especially when it came to those on the Republican side of the isle. Citing the same policy over and over, he stonewalled every question regarding the leaks or how it was that Trump’s original NSA pick Michael Flynn’s identity was revealed to the NYT in defiance and against FISA court law protecting American citizens.

Flynn’s, whose name had been masked from identification under the FISA court, was revealed as to having communicated with a Russian ambassador in an illegally leaked transcript to the NYT. In the transcript Flynn’s name had been unmasked, which indicates someone with top security clearance had to be the culprit of the leaked document.

Flynn’s communication was discovered as a result of an investigation that had nothing to do with him and therefore his identity was entitled to FISA court protection from being revealed. Even though Flynn was cleared of any wrongdoing the MSM and specifically the NYT and WaPo used the document to spearhead a sensationalized and inflammatory smear campaign against Flynn and the Trump administration, which led to Flynn’s resignation.

Even though the leaked transcript is now public knowledge, Comey continued to refuse to answer any questions regarding how or possibly who could have leaked the document to the NYT, including refusing to confirm or deny an investigation is or will be conducted into the Flynn case.

But, Comey had no problem with commenting on the open investigation into President Trump and his associates when it came to Democrats’ questions regarding Russia’s “choice” of candidate.

Do we see a pattern already developing in these so-called “bipartisan” hearings?

It is obvious there is no love loss when it comes to President Trump and the MSM. One reason for the increasing popularity of right-leaning conservative media sites is the American people became weary of being preached to by MSM with their far left agenda and biases.

To investigate only those conservative sites is a direct assault on their first amendment protection of a free press and political speech. If the FBI and this new federal “propaganda” and “fake news” agency are allowed to decide which news outlets are “legitimate” and which ones are not, where does it end?

If they are given the power to arbitrarily shut down media outlets without due process according to this new law in the NDDA, what is stopping them from silencing every American from voicing their views and/or grievances against the government.?

What is stopping “them” from rounding up those who oppose a political view or policy and imprisoning citizens in the future? The FBI is a law enforcement agency, one that can bring charges against anyone they deem outside the norm and conditions of the new federal law; a “law” attached to a bill in the quiet of the night without any debate or vote on either the Senate or Congressional floors. One of the last midnight acts of former President Obama.

Yes, there does seem to be a pattern here, a very dangerous pattern to the rights of all Americans.