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A big topic of discussion during the 2016 presidential election was over illegal immigrants. The Democrats wanted to keep all the illegals in the country, and even floated the possibility of an open border system. As expected, the Republicans wanted stricter borders, and a way to deal with the illegals currently in the country.

As Donald Trump won the election, Democrats began fearing what would happen to the illegals in the United States. As a result, various cities began hiding illegals from the federal authorities and calling themselves, “Sanctuary cities.” As the name implies, they are cities and counties that will provide illegals “sanctuary” from the Trump administration.

However that is where the honeymoon ends. President Trump has said that if these sanctuary jurisdictions continue to harbor illegals, they will lose federal funding. To further bolster that claim, he signed an executive order at the end of January. The order accomplishes two tasks. First, it allows the federal government to take away federal funding from those that wish to ignore the law. Secondly, it has Immigration and Customs Enforcement release a weekly report that shows which areas are ignoring immigration detainers.

Trump signing order

These are requests from ICE to either a jail or other local law enforcement agency to hold someone that is in violation of an immigration law. They do this so ICE can easily pick them up. On Monday, ICE officially released a weekly report. They identified 118 sanctuary areas around the country that are in jeopardy of losing federal funding.

When Trump signed the order, he also said that regular lists were important. He stated they would better inform the public “regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions.”

“When it comes to public safety, there is no place for politics; no Republicans, no Democrats, just citizens, and good citizens. We want safe communities. We demand safe communities for everyone.”

Some of the sanctuary counties and cities, realizing that the federal government wasn’t bluffing on taking away funding, have attempted to deny that they are sanctuary areas. That isn’t going to work though. The report released on Monday had made certain which areas the federal government can take away federal funding from.

The weekly reports are highly detailed. They will publish every detention request that was rejected by the local jails. In those rejections, the report will have the relevant agency, the immigrant’s status, and the charges being faced.

The report was from the week of Jan. 28 – Feb. 3. In it, jurisdictions had declined to enforce 206 detainers that were issued by ICE. This was out of 3,083 total detainers that were issued that week.

Some of the sanctuary jurisdictions that were on the list are ones that people would suspect. They are liberal-minded and have spoken about keeping illegals safe. A partial list includes: Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago and Milwaukee. The rest of the list can be found here.

Unsurprisingly, a noticeable portion of the detainer requests was ignored by Travis County, Texas. The new sheriff of the area, Sally Hernandez, or “Sanctuary Sally” as she is referred to, has butted heads with the Texas Governor over illegal immigrants. In a one-week period, Travis County refused to honor detainers for 12 immigrants that were charged with sexual assault.

“Sanctuary Sally” has vowed not to cooperate with the federal authorities. As a result, Governor Gregg Abbott has cut some funding from the jurisdiction. However, even more funding could be cut if Travis County doesn’t start to follow the rules. It’s a dangerous game that the people of Travis County are playing, and they will surely get burned in the end.

The other thing to note is that there were plenty of other detainers ignored by other jurisdictions. The bigger issue is that these were immigrants that were charged or even convicted of dangerous crimes, like assault or DUI. By refusing to ignore these requests, these jurisdictions are putting other people at risk.

Does it seem fair that just because these jurisdictions want to oppose the federal government, they are endangering the lives of peaceful citizens? It doesn’t. Which is why ICE will release similar reports every week during the Trump years. Not only will it show which jurisdictions are breaking the law; it will also show which are putting innocent people in danger.

Various other sanctuary areas are doing what they can to help illegals over American citizens. Governor Jerry Brown of California decided that he would sign a new sanctuary bill. It cut $115 million from Middle Class families education, but increased spending on illegals.

California wasn’t done there. The state officially became a sanctuary state in early February. That means the entire state is going to do what they can to oppose federal immigration authorities. No wonder every liberal believes that California is a dream come true.

Share this article to show everyone that ICE is publishing weekly reports that show which cities and counties around the country are considered sanctuary jurisdictions. These are areas that are ignoring the federal government and helping illegal immigrants. However, with the new reports coming out, it will be easier to see which areas are going to lose federal funding.