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WikiLeaks will not Share CIA Hacking Tools with Some Companies



Recently, WikiLeaks published their Vault 7 CIA hacking tools information online. Shortly after, Assange announced their decision to share the tools with various tech companies, to help them patch issues and secure their customers.  WikiLeaks had planned to provide them with special access to secure customers’ privacy.

Although Assange and his WikiLeaks team proposed to help the tech companies, many companies were already certain that the breaches and security flaws were fixed. After mailing the tech companies, requesting for special access to help fix the flaws this week, only a few companies, like Mozilla, accepted. Other companies, such as Google and Apple haven’t responded to WikiLeaks’ assistance, as some of the whistleblower site’s terms and conditions weren’t agreeable to them. One of the conditions in Assange’s proposal was to patch the flaws within the limited time of 90 days. It is unclear yet what other conditions WikiLeaks has proposed.

Why Some Companies Might Not Agree with WikiLeaks

Some companies, as we know, work with US government agencies. Working with WikiLeaks then, will ruin any working business relationship with who is likely their biggest contractors.

It’s not clear yet which companies will agree to WikiLeaks’ terms and conditions. This brings in the new debate of these tech giants’ true interests: preference for their users’ privacy or to appease government agencies. WikiLeaks has also promised to publish further data from the Vault 7 series in upcoming months.

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