Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just issued groundbreaking memos to U.S. embassies across the world. While President Trump’s travel ban is rendered inert as lawyers wrangle over its legality, Tillerson ordered American consulates to adopt extreme vetting procedures.

The turbulence roiling the Middle East is unlikely to be calmed anytime soon. Western society must continue to defend itself from the encroachment of radical Islam. Democrats are chomping at the bit to undermine Trump. Twice now, liberal judges imperiled our safety by blocking a critical executive order. Don’t let the media talking heads fool you; the president’s travel ban is neither discriminatory nor racist.

Yesterday London’s peace was shattered when a rampaging Islamist plowed through a crowd of innocent people with his car. He the leapt out of the vehicle brandishing a knife. About this time last year, a vicious attack at a Brussels airport crippled the region and ruined dozens of lives. Suicide attacks are becoming a depressingly reality.

Security wasn’t a primary concern of the Obama administration. America’s illegal immigrant population blossomed during his presidency. Trump’s incredible, odds-defying victory resulted in part because of his repeated promises to correct his predecessor’s mistakes.

Washington is in Republican hands. The left’s trickery can’t destroy everything that the president is trying to accomplish. While the travel ban languishes in court, Tillerson’s orders allow government officials to do what’s necessary to preserve national security.

Tillerson demands that officials identify troublesome populations within their region and scrutinize them accordingly. He also insists on mandatory social media checks for every applicant that’s lived in ISIS territory.


According to Reuters: “Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have called for wider social media screening for those seeking to enter the United States, saying that such checks could help to spot possible links to terrorist activity. Some former officials and immigration attorneys cautioned that delving deeper into applicant’s social media use could significantly lengthen processing time of visas.”

Safety is more important than expediency. The administration clearly agrees. Tillerson recommended consular chiefs to limit the number of visa interviews per day and prepare for the inevitable backlog.

“There’s so much social media out there,” said Anne Richard, a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State in the Obama administration. “It’s not something you can do on a timely basis.”

It’s vital that we screen who we allow into our country. Again and again, jihadists renew their promises to destroy America. Death is glorified for suicide-bombers; they think of themselves as religious martyrs rather than murderers. If we opened our borders, terrorists would come in overwhelming numbers. It’s hard to stop a person who’s willing to die.

“The flurry of cables to U.S. missions abroad issued strict new guidelines for vetting U.S. visa applicants, and then retracted some of them in response to U.S. court rulings that challenged central tenets of Trump’s executive order,” Reuters reports.

“The final cable…leaves in place an instruction to consular chiefs in each diplomatic mission, or post, to convene working groups of law enforcement and intelligence officials to ‘develop a list of criteria identifying sets of post applicant populations warranting increased scrutiny.’”

The left needs something to complain about, so of course the measured language of Tillerson’s memos has already been deemed racist. Although no specific ethnic group is mentioned, and officials are given the freedom to define for themselves what “threat” means, a few lawyers and politicians are still insisting that the memos are discriminatory.

“Most posts already have populations that they look at for fraud and security issues,” said Jay Gairson, a Seattle-based immigration attorney.”What this language effectively does is give the consular posts permission to step away from the focused factors they have spent years developing and revising, and instead broaden the search to large groups based on gross factors such as nationality and religion.”

Gairson’s argument doesn’t make sense. If he trusted consulates to behave ethically before, why wouldn’t he do so now? Tillerson’s memos leave officials free to identify security problems using whatever criteria they deem reasonable. There’s absolutely nothing in the government’s language that implicates a specific ethnic group or religion.

In fact, many experts would probably argue that the memo’s are too sanitized. Tillerson was forced to remove sections that explicitly named countries included in Trump’s revised travel ban.

Reuters reports: “Among the instructions rescinded by Tillerson were a set of specific questions for applicants from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen…The questions asked where applicants had lived, traveled and worked over the previous 15 years. Applicants would also have been required to provide prior passport numbers and all phone numbers, email addresses and social media handles used in the previous five years.”

It shouldn’t be unreasonable to require that someone who wants to come America has to provide details on their social media history. Those six countries were mentioned specifically because of radical Islam’s popularity among their citizens. The administration is simply trying to protect our country.