CIA knew of security breaches at Google, Apple and other tech hubs, but all quiet on their cloud services at Amazon.

As the House Intelligence committee wastes valuable time investigating alleged Russian espionage in the 2016 presidential election, dangerous leaks of highly classified information doesn’t appear to be a priority of the FBI and its Obama-era director, James Comey.

Instead Comey is obsessing over investigating President Trump and his associates, trying to tie them to DNC and Hillary campaign manager, John Podesta, hacked emails. These are leaks Progressive Democrats and the left leaning mainstream media continues to harp about as having cost their darling, Hillary Clinton, the presidential office.

Testifying before the House Intelligence committee on Monday, both Comey and NSA chief Michael Rogers admitted the alleged Russian “meddling” into the election had no bearing on the results, as reported here.

Former FBI director, James Clapper, who previously investigated the allegations against the Trump campaign, has repeatedly stated there is no evidence President Trump or any member of his staff had any involvement with the hacked emails. However, Comey has opened another investigation while refusing to investigate the leaks and illegal hacking of CIA files. These were top secret hacking and surveillance methods used by the intelligence agency putting national security at an alarming risk.

To make matters worse the CIA knew about security breaches late last year, if not sooner. According to a Reuters report there were hacks by suspected government contractors and yet they took no action to stop it. They also failed to inform Congress or tech companies until after WikiLeaks published what is referred to as the “Vault 7” files.

The most interesting aspect are the high tech companies who were named as vulnerable victims of the hacks. It includes the one company the CIA continues to remain suspiciously quiet about; the sole company who stores CIA documents in its “cloud” services.

Which companies do the breaches involve? Alphabet (Google) Apple, Oracle and Cisco, which all use H-1B visa workers in high tech research and development mostly from Islamic countries. Interestingly enough there is no mention of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the article or from the CIA. Why?

As continually reported here, the CIA has a $600 million contract with Jeff Bezos and AWS, who is also the sole owner of the Washington Post (WaPo) and is one of the main publications who has published illegally leaked classified documents in recent months.

Does it not stand to reason if the CIA stores its documents in the AWS “cloud,” which would include the Vault 7 files, the first place to investigate would be AWS? Not according to the CIA.

Both Reuters and CBS News have reported, the CIA suspects the hacks into those files are more likely exchanged and leaked by workers from any other government contractor except AWS it appears.

“Contractors have been revealed as the source of sensitive government information leaks in recent years, most notably Edward Snowden and Harold Thomas Martin, both employed by consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton while working for the National Security Agency,” the Reuters report revealed.

The article went on to state, “Apple, Alphabet Inc’s Google, Cisco Systems Inc and Oracle Corp did not immediately respond when asked if they were notified of a CIA breach before WikiLeaks made its files public.” Yet mysteriously AWS is not mentioned.

The CIA has known for several years about the software weaknesses to hacking. Instead of reporting it to the government and to the companies to correct the gaps in the operating systems, they chose to remain silent. The reason?

So the CIA can exploit the weaknesses for their own hacking and spying purposes, leaving not only millions of American citizens and their personal and financial data at risk, but also leaving the government agencies vulnerable to cyber attacks.

And we are still scratching our heads as to why identity theft and fraud has increased to massive levels in recent years.

Cyber warfare has also been on the increase in recent years with massive attempted, and some successful, hacks into government agencies including the IRS, the Pentagon and even the White House. Widespread hacking into financial institutions, huge retail merchants such as Target and others are also increasing at alarming rates.

It has been suggested a successful cyber attack on the national energy grid could leave the US at 19th Century living standards for years. Yet the CIA chose to remain silent about government contract workers hacking into and exchanging information, many who are imported on H-1B visa programs from nations hostile to the US such as Iran.

As reported here, a top Iranian military strategist, Gen. Has even boasted how Iran has millions of terrorists already located in the US. These include, but are not limited to, some who have access to top military secrets, operating systems including missile guidance and even suggested the ability to take over US and NATO nuclear arsenal.


Given all of the verified information that has been revealed in the past month, why is our government agencies failing to investigate? Why is Comey wasting time investigating allegations against the President, when he and his campaign staff have already been cleared of any involvement with Russian alleged hacking and “fake news.”

Is there a “deep state” operation being played out to bring down the Trump administration while simultaneously leaving the US and its citizens had the highest risk of another massive terrorist attack since the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

It is time for ALL Americans, regardless of political leanings to demand and investigation into the CIA and its activities as well as the illegal leaks of classified information. It is time for the all those involved be brought to justice and allow the Commander-in-Chief take the necessary actions to secure our nation before it is too late.