RUSSIA has warned of nuclear war if US missiles carry on being shipped into Europe

Russian leader Vladimir Putin

Source: Daily Star

Pentagon missiles in Europe and warships patrolling Russia’s borders could lead to nuclear war, warned Vladimir Putin’s military bosses.

The anti-ballistic missile system (ABM) is provoking a “new arms race” and scuppers Russia’s ability to defend itself from a nuke strike, they said.

Russian military bosses warned the ABM “lowers the threshold for use of nuclear weapons” and increases the risk of “sudden nuclear attack”.

Poznikhir said: “The presence of American ABM sites in Europe and ABM-capable ships in the seas and oceans close to Russia’s territory creates a powerful clandestine potential for delivering a surprise nuclear missile strike against Russia.”

US attempts to trump Russia and China are heighting the risk of nuclear war, the Kremlin warned.

The stark warning came at a nuclear disarmament conference in Geneva.

Poznikhir said the US missile shield “narrows down the opportunity for nuclear reduction dialogue”.

He said the Pentagon is developing the missile system to face Iran and North Korea, but ignoring objections raised by Russia.

Russia warns the US will have 1,000 missiles at its fingertips which could pose a threat to them by 2020.