Yesterday the Senate voted to overturn another one of Obama’s midnight resolutions. This one had to do with Planned Parenthood and the Title X funding the agency currently receives. Title X is a federal grant program enacted in 1970 under President Nixon. It gives subsidies to health care facilities that provide family planning and reproductive health services to patients that are uninsured or low-income.

In a Title X clinic, there is a sliding scale fee for patients to receive breast and pelvic exams, pap smears, and other related services. They also provide free or low-cost HIV testing, pregnancy tests, and contraceptives. The federal government can either send the money directly to the healthcare provider, or they can send it to states, for them to disperse at their discretion. However, federal monies cannot be used for abortions, at least in most cases. This is where the problem lies.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider. But, they also provide a number of other family planning services, that fall well within the Title X guidelines. These services they claim, are the main thrust of their business. Abortion is only a small percentage of what they do, so they say. This claim has been much scrutinized and overall decided to be false.


So, the question is, should they receive Title X funding?  Right now, they do. In fact, a large chunk of their funding comes through through the program and they eat up 25% of the program’s budget, making them the largest recipient.

Planned Parenthood swears that the federal subsidies go toward their other services, a claim many lawmakers find implausible. Even if the federal subsidy didn’t directly fund abortions, which is still not a given, the money frees other funds that can be used for procedures. In essence, giving federal money to Planned Parenthood is subsidizing the abortion industry, many conservatives state.

In another one of Barack O-Sneaky’s eleventh hour appointments, he decided to settle the debate on his own. In Obama’s last month in office, he pushed through a resolution stipulating that states could not deny Title X funds for any other reason than their ability to provide Title X services. The regulation claimed that there have been 13 states that have tried to block federal funding from these providers, for “other reasons.”  The regulation was aimed at protecting the abortion providers in those states. Therefore, Planned Parenthood could continue to receive money.  The bill went into effect on January 18, just two days before the inauguration.


Republican lawmakers have never liked the resolution and a mere ten days after the inauguration, began the process of dismantling it with Resolution 43. The resolution allows the states to decide whether abortion providers can access the federal funding. It doesn’t do anything directly to Planned Parenthood but proponents of the bill say it is a large victory in the battle to bring down the abortion giant. The resolution breezed through the House in February.

Planned Parenthood said in statement,“Four million people depend on the Title X family planning program, and this move by D.C. politicians would endanger their health care. This would take away birth control access for a woman who wants to plan her family and her future. Too many people still face barriers to health care, especially young people, people of color, those who live in rural areas, and people with low incomes.”

Finally, it went to vote in the Senate Thursday. It was hung 50-50, with two Republican women, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voting against it. Mike Pence, a long-time pro-life advocate, cast the tie-breaker vote to overturn the legislation. “The largest abortion provider in America should not also be the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X,” he said.

Resolution 43 will now be sent to President Trump. He has typically stood on the pro-life side of the debate. In January, pro-life groups gathered  in Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life. Trump could not attend, but expressed his support via Twitter. Mike Pence, however, did make a brief appearance.

Of course, the liberal women are outraged, calling it a “sad day for America.” But here’s the thing about “reproductive health.” If people can’t afford the consequences of sex, then they shouldn’t be having it. Of course, that’s a bit of a pipe dream, especially our culture. But honestly, the American taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for a 14-year-old’s birth control pills. We don’t mind paying for her math books or school computer labs. But we shouldn’t have to subsidize her sex life.

Nor, we should have to pay for a twenty-year old man-child who works part-time at a grocery store to “hook up,” with reckless abandon. If he can’t afford contraceptives, or children, he can’t afford sex. It’s not a bill against women. It’s a bill for responsibility. When the feminist groups can calm down long enough to listen to reason, maybe that will be articulated.