(CNSNews.com) – The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11 to 9–along party lines–to send the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Senate Floor.

Gorsuch was nominated by President Donald Trump to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, who was nominated to the court by President Ronald Reagan.

“Judge Gorsuch is eminently qualified. He is a mainstream judge, who has earned the universal respect of his colleagues on the bench and in the bar,” Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley said. “He applies the law as we in Congress write it–as the judicial oath says without respect to persons. And he refuses to compromise his independence. This nominee we are voting on today is a judge’s judge. His a picture of the kind of justice we should have on the Supreme Court.”

Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein blamed what she called “dark money” for stopping a vote on Judge Merrick Garland, whom President Barack Obama nominated to the court before the election, and backing the confirmation of Gorsuch.

“So, there was simply no reason that the nomination of Judge Garland could not proceed other than to deny the then-president of the United States, President Barack Obama, the ability to fill the seat,” Feinsein said. “And that’s what has taken place.”

“Secondly, press reports indicate that seven million dollars of ‘dark money’ was spent to defeat Judge Garland’s nomination. This too was unprecedented. However, with the nomination of Judge Gorsuch, the spending of ‘dark money’ has only grown,” Feinstein said.

“This nomination is not the usual nomination. It comes in a different way and it has proceeded in a way of excessive spending of ‘dark money’ that on the time I have been on this committee I have never seen before,” Feinstein said.