Mayor De Blasio blown out

Throughout the campaign, President Trump spent a lot of time and effort on immigration and illegal immigrants. He said on numerous occasions that he wants to get the illegals out of the country. It’s a reasonable request, considering the burden they place on the legal people in the country.

As expected, the Democrats of the nation started making claims that “nobody is illegal,” and wanted to protect the illegals. This claim was met with fierce opposition from the Republican members, as some of the illegals being protected have lengthy criminal records. These include, but are not limited to, homicide, sexual crimes and drinking and driving charges.

Despite the danger that illegals provide, various Democrats all across the country have set up sanctuary jurisdictions. These are cities and states that will refuse to cooperate with the federal government looking for illegals. Mayor Bill de Blasio, a liberal mayor and a staunch opponent of President Trump, operates one of these sanctuary cities. However, he’s starting to feel some resistance.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is responsible for the resistance against Mayor de Blasio. Per sanctuary city status, the cities are not going to help the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents track down illegals. However, the NYPD has started to alert ICE agents on criminal illegals facing deportation.

The Department of Justice is sending immigration judges to 12 major cities to handle the sudden influx of deportation cases.

This goes against everything that Mayor de Blasio has worked for. As it turns out, not everyone is pleased with the idea of having illegals remain in an area, especially if they are known criminals. The NYPD is alerting ICE agents when there are immigrants facing deportation appearing in Criminal Court.

As stated above, NYC is a sanctuary city. That means that the city only works with ICE “detainer” orders. These are orders to hold a defendant until the federal agents can take custody in specific cases, like those that have violent or serious felonies.

However, when the NYPD is in the process of looking over a defendants’ criminal record, they routinely contact ICE. By contacting ICE, the agency can be alerted to the person’s court dates, which in turn, makes them easier to capture.

As expected, Democrats were outraged at the practice. These advocates claimed it amounted to “collusion” with immigration officials. They also said that it goes against what Mayor de Blasio says about the city. He claims that NYC will remain a sanctuary city.

It isn’t just advocates that were surprised to learn about the practice. Even public defenders were shocked to learn about what the NYPD does to illegal immigrants. It’s amazing that these people are shocked to hear that members of the police department are following the law.

The defenders were representing two men that were being specifically targeted by ICE in separate court appearances. The first instance of this occurring happened on March 2 of this year. An administrative aide made a note in the Central Booking system that he had “notified ICE” about the arrest of David Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, a 51-year-old had been deported before, but reentered the United States. He faced misdemeanor charges for allegedly rubbing against a woman on a train. Again, that was just the first instance of this happening.

On March 15, the very same aide made another note that he was “awaiting call from local ICE office” for a completely separate incident. This time, they were investigating Milton Chimborazo, 35, who had faced burglary charges. He also had a deportation order.

What’s even more disturbing is that both cases have screenshots that show the city didn’t comply with ICE “detainer” orders. To get around that, the agents just showed up to court and did what had to be done.

These activists that are screaming about the NYPD calling ICE fail to realize that these people had deportation orders. Unfortunately, their way of thinking is that NYC doesn’t have to follow the law because of the fact they are a sanctuary city. Opposing the law never works out for anyone that is for it.

Nevertheless, there are still going to be people outraged that the NYPD is actually following the orders of the federal government. It’s a strange reason to be angry, but there are already people that feel that way. It’s especially weird considering that someone is just doing their job and getting slammed for doing so.

Unfortunately there are still Mayors and Governors that are going to do what they can to continue their sanctuary status and help out illegals in any way they can. One of the more prominent people to do so is California Governor Jerry Brown. At the end of February, he signed a budget that would slash $115 million from Middle Class education, but increased spending on illegals.

Of course other sanctuary jurisdictions have followed in the footsteps of California and are opposing President Trump in any way they can. The state of Washington also joined California as states that are going to do what they can to go against the President. These states are setting up a showdown that they might not be ready for.

Share this article with everyone to show that Mayor de Blasio is facing some opposition to his sanctuary city status. The members of the NYPD are following the orders of the President and are letting ICE officials know of potential illegal immigrants that are going into court. Again, people are angry about this happening, but people have to follow the law. Otherwise, it’s pure anarchy.