While driving in any given week, it is safe to make the conservative guess that thousands of hours are lost in America by the practice of rubber necking. For some reason, our curious nature makes us crane our necks like the camera pretzels that President Trump spoke of so often while on the trail every time that we see skid marks and ambulances. Somewhere in that twisted metal just draws attention from everyone passing it by. Most of us don’t want to really see any gore, but we look anyway. Often times, if traffic bottlenecks, police will motion vehicles onward and say, “there is nothing to see here, move on” to anyone who persists.

CNN has played this role of traffic cop perfectly by suggesting that we all ignore what the media is calling a “bombshell” story exposing the Obama Administration’s National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, “unmasking” NSA intercepts concerning President Trump. Most disturbing of all, while we first had thought that these were incidental acts of spying done in error or by need, this has proved to be completely untrue. This was done, as The National Review conveys, “not in national security but to advance the political interests of the Democratic party.”


What MUST be kept at the forefront of one’s mind is that the White House does NOT conduct criminal NOR intelligence investigations. The NSA is ONLY permitted to gather such data FOR criminal or intelligence investigation purposes. ANY other use is a criminal act, which is spying and/or espionage. This is the fact that tops all other facts since it has been claimed for weeks now that any “unmasking” of Trump or his people was done in order to find evidence of Russia’s role in the election/campaign, or it was done or to analyze “communications of foreign intelligence targets.” Any names of American citizens was scooped up “incidentally” and at no point was Trump spied on. Even the update to a recent Grabien News story reads, “Susan Rice has now confirmed she unmasked Trump campaign officials, but is denying doing so for political reasons.”

The problem with this statement from Rice is that it is false. The legal jargon states, to paraphrase, that the C.I.A, F.B.I, and N.S.A, are the ones who have the duty and authority to unmask anyone in any investigation. They, and they alone, determine which Americans may be unmasked, and which must remain cloaked or redacted. According to F.B.I. Director James Comey, he is “obsessed” with keeping the number of Americans unmasked in any communication net down to the bare minimum needed for the investigation being done. For all of his faults, this he takes to heart, and he seems not about to go down with Rice’s ship as she implies otherwise. That being said, what was she doing playing James Bond when she nor the Obama White House were part of the alphabet soup allowed to obtain such data?

Rice is not an investigator, nor is the White House. Rather, she was a National Security Advisor, classified as a “staffer,” and as such is one who receives data, not one who collects it. Her job is to advise the president based on the data that those three agencies give to her. She is not to be playing spy and deciding for herself what is legal to keep. That is the sole responsibility of the agencies that are employed to keep us safe. Abusing that responsibility has many names, the most common one being “Watergate.” It is also worth observing that Comey and the F.B.I. claim that it is very rare for any American to be “unmasked.


At least that was the case before Obama. Rice is now in hot water as people understand that this was done to further the Democrats and to cheat Trump, much like the DNC did to Bernie Sanders via other means. Now Rice WAS allowed to request an unmasking since she is, as Comey says, a “consumer” of such data. However, the actual power to say if such a request shall be met or denied “resides with those who collected the information.” That is how America runs and to allow anything else is to slit the wrists of the Constitution and the entire Fourth Amendment!


Political figures are not to “intrude” into the work of law enforcement, for this is not the Kingdom of America. The Democrats leaked this information on former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, yet what was Rice doing with the information? It was illegal for her to have the data on Flynn talking to Russia, for one thing. For another, talking to the Russians was done in the course of his job, so it was perfectly legal. Therefore we can see that Flynn was fired from his post for not properly informing Vice President Pence about the conversation, and the left thought that the had some “proof” of a Russian connection when they did not. If Rice had not smeared Flynn by suggesting that something out of order was done, he would likely have only been severely dressed down and it would never have again happened. Instead, a major coup has happened due to illegally captured data. THAT is why this matters, just to point out one instance. There may be many more.

So while the most fake of all news agencies, CNN, calls this a fake news story and says, “Keep it moving, there is nothing to see here,” do stop and take a glance just the same. You will see Michael Flynn standing there wondering where his rights went, and how his whole career could be ruined for him by illegal means. You may even see yourself, too, because if it can happen to Flynn, it can certainly happen to the average man or woman. There is no limit to what kinds of attack can face our God given rights when the rule of the Constitution and things like the Fourth Amendment are downplayed and ignored. Once government starts overeating, it does not stop until it can not walk. For that reason, there is quite a bit to see here for everyone who cares about liberty.