When someone enters into the nation illegally or stays past the time legally allotted, that is bad enough. Still, things happen. People fall in love and do not want to wait until the legal hoop jumping is complete to remain in the U.S. for good. For that matter, maybe they just fell deeply in lust and ended up with a child. They may feel compelled to remain in that case, and while a nation that respects its borders must insist that legality is attained, the motive behind the “crime” is understood. Deportation is a matter of a nation using its resources as needed, not about taking out any hatred upon anyone, despite what the MSM portrays.

It is when someone who is dodging deportation officials and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to begin with break more laws that entail a bit more malice that the citizenry becomes particularly angry. Robbing, raping, menacing, and killing are not called for from anyone, but when these soul-crushing acts are done by those who are not even here legally, the blood boils. This is what 4,000 illegals from Somalia are discovering as they face what seems like an imminent deportation now that Donald Trump has become the new sheriff in town.


We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in the books of [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be removed are close to 4,000,” said Ahmed Isse Awad as he told VOA’s Somali service Saturday. He is with the embassy that learned today of the news. He also stated, “Most of them are not in detention centers.” Many of these people being told to depart were denied asylum applications, something that means that they were not proven to have been in any danger in their native country. They simply applied to stay here on such pretenses to avoid using the proper channels.

The embassy only reopened in November of 2015, according to VOA News. They also found that out of 300 people detained from that region by ICE, “68 of those detained March 26-30 had previous criminal convictions, for crimes including armed robbery, larceny and drug offenses.” Since we are not talking about jaywalking or spitting upon the sidewalk, that is an extremely large number of dangerous people. The others, if rejected by the government, are likely guilty of such crimes in their homeland or are suspected to be good candidates to do such things here. This means that, just like the common sense travel ban, this is about intention and criminal activity, not a close minded or racist motive, as commonly said. Few people in America wish to be the victim of crime by anyone, no matter what race or religion the culprit may be.

As for the threats that could lurk in Somalia for those returning to certain areas, a dreadful problem has arisen. America has always stood proudly with the idea that one of our roles as the most powerful nation to ever exist is to protect the innocent within our borders. While that is still the case, the problem that is greeting us is threefold. One, radical Islam has grown in areas like Somalia. This means MORE people are in need from that section of the globe. The problem is that America only has so much to go around ourselves, as we are held up by money that is as good as bankrupted, and the economy never recovered from 2008. This is not the land of prosperity, MTV, and 1985 any longer. These are hard times for all Americans, and we just don’t have it to give into a crisis who’s numbers are growing. If we could, we would, but things like outsourcing and NAFTA have taken those options from us.

Two, while America can certainly afford to take in a decent number, with the aforementioned problem of sharia Islam’s ascension, it is impossible to tell who is fleeing radicals and who are merely posing a one escaping. This means that America, in an effort to help, is opening the door to creating the same terrorism here. Lastly, many of those coming have found that criminal activity is not punished that severely in the U.S. and that law enforcement is taxed as it is. If they can get away with crimes, many shall, for that is the culture that they fled from to begin with.

It is not to be suggested that most people from Somalia are prone to harming anyone or breaking any laws. Such a notion is based upon bigotry, not facts. However, even if we pretend that all of them that are here suddenly become God fearing Christians who live a life more pure than most American’s (which is NOT uncommon among those who did flee), the issue is still dealing with the endless flow. When the U.S. first started taking in those in need from that region, it was assumed that the war in the Middle East would be won. Sadly, just as Soviet Russia did not win such a war, America has not won this war, either. The system is going to be taxed beyond our ability to help all of those in need as ISIS and those like them spread. How can America, a nation with an economy in the tank for nearly a decade, sustain this?

One solution is to attack Islam when it harms others, but this makes MORE radicals and tends to anger Russia. This unity between sharia Islam and Russia is nothing short of laughable since Iran claims to hate “the Christian Devil America” while being blind to the fact that Putin leads a Russian Orthodox Christian nation, himself. Just the same, if the Bear is not going to help fight the likes of Iran, terrorism will certainly grow. So, that option is not currently on the table, unless we wish to see World War III.