We have heard a lot lately about how so-called “sanctuary cities” are popping up like weeds within our garden of 50 states, with both Washington and California being knee keep in the federal criminal harboring of illegal aliens. We know that the term “sanctuary city” brings to mind some frightened migrant cowering in the corner as he or she begs to be allowed to stay in a country to which they did not even bother to apply to be in, but in many cases, it is gang culture that didn’t apply due to a criminal record. Things like murder, rape, extortion, and robbery tend to make a person un-welcomed in a great number of countries, not only America.

Lansing, Michigan, was declared a sanctuary city, for all of 168 hours. That is how long it took for them to not only debate how much federal money was going to be denied to them for trampling federal law, but it is also the time that it took for voters and those who would suffer from it to rebel. Lansing already does not ask the legal status of someone when they encounter a police officer, something that almost every other nation in the world does to others, including Americans.  According to Fox News, “Council members voted 5-2 to reverse last week’s 6-0 vote to give the city ‘sanctuary’ status’.”


This happened while those who do not mind the added risk of rape and murder and who desire open borders to shouted “spineless” and “you’re all losing your seats.” Perhaps if Lansing allows illegals to vote, that may be the case, but otherwise, there is no chance of that happening whatsoever. Michigan is a state that has seen more grief from the double punch of outsourcing and illegal migration that these members may be seen as heroes to almost everyone there who votes legally.

After last week’s vote in favor of illegality and a burning of the precepts found within the Constitution, Lansing Regional Chamber and Michigan Chamber of Commerce contacted them “urging” that the city remove the words “sanctuary city” from their resolution. Thankfully, the battle seems to have ended there and Lansing capitulated. The city will now be safer and have more job opportunities at better pay levels as a result.

Lansing is a diverse community, rich with history and culture. It’s what makes our city a welcoming destination to live, work and thrive,” is what a letter from those defined only as “business groups” said in a letter. It goes on, “Recent actions of City Council, whether intended or not, have placed an unnecessary target on the City of Lansing while jeopardizing millions of dollars in federal funding that impacts the city budget.” Some business traffic may be generated from illegals buying things, but then again, why can’t those who’ve asked to visist America and who entered through the door LEGALLY be the ones buying from these businesses, instead of those who just walked in unannounced?

The term ‘sanctuary’ in the resolution has become very problematic and distracting — so distracting in my opinion – that’s it’s taken away from the intent of our resolution, which is to protect individuals,” is what Councilwoman Judi Brown Clarke had to say on the matter. She added, “It’s basically a ‘don’t ask’ policy, which was outlined by the mayor’s executive order and what we had in our policy complements that.” She is simply trying to cover for the fact that it is VERY clear that President Trump WANTS IT ASKED EVERY TIME so as to send those here illegally back where they came from. Clarke is just dancing around the topic. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is a lot different from “ask them and if they are illegal, deport them,” which is what Trump and the American people want done.

This is not about fairness, either. Lansing has cut the economic throats of those that live and work there by allowing the city to hire without seeking legal status. This drives wages down, increases illegal migration, and amounts to illegals being used as slaves by the industry and structure there. This does not happen when one is asked to prove that they are legal to get a job, as it should be. Making it impossible to work in America unless one is legal will end a lot of these problems rather easily.

Michigan Chamber President and CEO Richard Studley stammered about, saying that he wishes “to stop wasting time on costly political statements and focus on real economic issues,” and that “I have no problem with the earlier resolution that affirmed the city’s status as a welcoming city. The challenge is with the language declaring the city a ‘sanctuary city’ — adopted hastily with little debate. I think that it is easily misinterpreted or misunderstood.” He is, perhaps willfully, missing the whole point. It is not about what language is used to get around the issue. The issue is that we have voted to have illegal’s sent home.

That means asking their legal status and if they are illegal, we want them deported. They are perfectly welcome to apply legally and shall be welcomed. The point is also that we don’t want Lansing nor any other law breaking city or state to allow illegal migration to be sheltered in any way, shape, matter, or form. Those who are harming no one are free to apply and gain legal status. That is what was voted for, it is what Trump wants, and it is going to change no matter what language certain leaders wish to draft to dodge that truth.

It is very good to see the President standing up and remaining loyal to his promise about cutting federal funds to those states or cities that try and defy his proper execution of the Constitution of the United States of America. He was sworn to uphold it, after all, and that means making sure that those that come do so in a way that is both legal and respectful It is what other nations demand of us and what all free nations must work to ensure. America is not an exception to this rule.