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Dem Kirsten Powers bashes Hillary Clinton on CNN: ‘This doesn’t help Democrats’

Dem Kirsten Powers bashes Hillary Clinton on CNN: ‘This doesn’t help Democrats’

In an appearance on CNN on Friday, liberal Democrat Kirsten Powers heavily criticized Hillary Clinton for her unwillingness to take any of the blame for her loss to Donald Trump in the November election.

After CNN host Jake Tapper played a clip to a panel appearing on Tapper’s television program, “The Lead,” showing Clinton once again refusing to own up to any of her own mistakes on the campaign trail, Powers offered a candid and critical analysis of Clinton’s decision to continuously shift the blame for her failures.

“Never in this equation is Hillary Clinton to blame for anything, and she was, after all, the candidate,” Powers said. “There were outside forces that were affecting the campaign, no question, but there were a lot of things, I think related to her candidacy, that were problematic. And I don’t think this helps Democrats, frankly, to be looking back at this. I think people want to move on and not seem like sour grapes. It makes the audience she was talking to happy. This was Women in the World—very liberal women—and I think it makes the base happy, but I don’t think it’s helpful overall.”

Powers, anticipating criticism from Clinton’s liberal supporters, added, “And I’m now getting tweeted out right now, like, ‘Why do you hate Hillary Clinton so much?’ I don’t hate Hillary Clinton! I’m just saying that I don’t think this is helpful.”

Tapper then provided another important point.

“Obviously, Putin, Comey, etc.—there’s a whole list of reasons why didn’t win—but she doesn’t seem to have done enough introspection … Putin didn’t tell you, ‘Don’t go to Wisconsin.’ James Comey didn’t tell you, ‘Call one-quarter of the country deplorable.’”

Powers has been a long-time supporter of Clinton, and she actively promoted her against Trump during the 2016 campaign.

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