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MSNBC Analyst ‘Nominates’ Trump Property For Next ISIS Bombing

Suggests terrorists should attack European capital city

MSNBC Analyst 'Nominates' Trump Property For Next ISIS Bombing

An MSNBC ‘Counter terrorism analyst’ is under fire after suggesting that ISIS should bomb a property belonging to the US President, Donald Trump.

Malcolm Nance, who regularly appears on MSNBC programming took to Twitter Tuesday and expressed hope that Islamic State terrorists would bomb the President’s property in Turkey.

“This is my nominee for the first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property,” Nance tweeted, in response to a picture of Trump’s tower building in Istanbul.

Nance later deleted the tweet, but the internet doesn’t forget:

The fact that any ‘counter terror’ analyst would advocate terrorist attacks, whether tongue in cheek or not, is shocking enough, but to suggest that a major building in a European capital city where thousands of people work should be attacked is appalling.

Nance has not issued a retraction, an apology, or any clarification whatsoever.

This is yet another example of MSNBC’s Trump derangement syndrome in action. Nance is literally saying he supports ISIS terrorists over the US President.

It is not the first time Nance has made comments linking Trump to ISIS.

During the election run up, Nance claimed that Trump was the “ISIS candidate,” and that the candidate’s his rhetoric was strengthening the terrorist group by ‘drawing recruits to them’.

Nance also has a history of denying that ISIS inspired terrorist attacks have anything to do with Islam.

When an extremist plowed a truck into innocent people in in Nice, France, last year, after reading ISIS materials advocating such forms of attack, Nance suggested the driver was just mentally unstable, rather than following any ideology.

Nance described the attack as the driver taking “a moment to challenge society in a horrific way,” adding “We call them EDPs. Extremely disturbed persons, or emotionally disturbed persons.”

Nance also described the attack at the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida as a “psycho-sexual problem” and the San Bernardino mass shooting as “a hybrid act of terrorism/workplace violence.”

  1. April 21, 2017 at 1:42 AM

    It is obvious that this man hates President tramp.Little does he know that should anyone ever hurt the President a chosen of God .America will suffer like never before.All the NWO want it is him out of the way .Once that is done:they will start killing everyone as it is their intention to reduce humanity to only 500 million which will be their slaves.Ah but they will not succeed because God will find them on their underground cities across the glove and will bury them all in hell alive with their cities and their lord Satan .And that my friend it is the truth as we have that in writing from God the Father .So you best pray that nothing ever happens to the President.Else you are all doomed!

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