Almost one year ago today, Seth Rich was found murdered on the streets of Washington, D.C. Anyone paying attention found the death, particularly the timing quite suspicious. The young man was a DNC staffer working closely with the Clinton campaign and after his killing, the internet was flooded with stories about his contact with Wikileaks and the possibility that he was killed because of it.

As more information was released during a Wikileaks email dump, chilling words were found in John Podesta’s emails. Joel Benenson, chief strategist for the Clinton campaign wrote in an email to Podesta, “I think we have to make examples now of people who have violated the trust of HRC and the rest of the team.”

Podesta, chairman of the campaign responded, “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”

Later in the email chain, Robby Mook, the campaign manager adds his opinion, “I would love an example being made.”


This disturbing conversation took place just a few months after Seth Rich was found dead. Was this a hypothetical discussion or evidence? Neither the FBI or the police seem to have looked any closer to find out.

Instead, D.C. Police quickly released a story of a robbery gone bad and seemed quite content to leave it there. Julian Assange hinted there was a possibility that Rich had spoken with Wikileaks but would not say more except, “We have received a variety of information. We will be forwarding that information to the police. I don’t think the information so far is enough to start pointing a direct finger. We don’t want to compromise the police investigation.”

Assange and Wikileaks even went so far as to offer a $20,000 reward for information regarding the man’s death.

Since then, the family of Seth Rich has been doing their own investigation. Not satisfied with the answers from the police, they hired Rod Wheeler, a former D.C. homicide detective, to try and get to the bottom of their son’s murder.

Yesterday it was revealed that they believe there is tangible evidence that Seth was indeed communicating with Wikileaks days before his death. However, the most shocking revelation was not that there is proof but that the D.C. police have been hiding it.


Wheeler told reporters, “I have a source inside the police department that has looked at me straight in the eye and said, ‘Rod, we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you.’ Now, that is highly unusual for a murder investigation, especially from a police department. Again, I don’t think it comes from the chief’s office, but I do believe there is a correlation between the mayor’s office and the DNC and that is the information that will come out [Tuesday].”

Wheeler insists there is a cover-up taking place. “The police department nor the FBI have been forthcoming. They haven’t been cooperating at all. I believe that the answer to solving his death lies on that computer, which I believe is either at the police department or either at the FBI. I have been told both.”

While this was suspected, after all, Seth was linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and he allegedly was getting ready to share information with Wikileaks, the talk of proof is disturbing. We are waiting to hear what else will be disclosed today and whether the Clinton campaign may be looking at yet another scandal; this time the murder of an innocent man.