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Drudge Annhiliates Competition in April

Independently-owned news aggregator dominates latest news race

Drudge Annhiliates Competition in April

The Drudge Report beat out ABC, CBS, CNN, Google and other major news outlets in web traffic during the month of April, stats published Sunday show.

More people got their information from DrudgeReport.com last month than the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and NBC News, according to SimilarWeb analytics, underscoring the independent media titan’s vast influence.

With 1.2 billion page views, Drudge maintained its place as the third most trafficked news site compared to rankings published in March, dominating the likes of MSNBC, The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal.

Drudge celebrated the latest web research with a headline proclaiming, “THANKS A BILLION! DRUDGE TOPS GOOGLECNNNYTWASHPOST IN NEWS RACE…”

Despite disseminating news from both sides of the aisle, the conservative-leaning news aggregator’s penchant for developing its own news cycle makes it a constant target of the left, mainly because it challenges their ability to control the narrative.

The Drudge Report recently found itself running afoul of Net Neutrality protesters over the weekend, who similarly wanted to ban Infowars and Breitbart in the name of “information equality.”


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