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Facebook Punished Me For Complaining About a Death Threat

Social media giant threatened to terminate my account

Facebook Punished Me For Complaining About a Death Threat

Given that leftists are “tolerant progressives” and Islam is a “religion of peace,” you can understand how I receive a lot of death threats for having a different opinion.

In the vast majority of cases, be it Facebook or Twitter, complaints about these death threats are met with total inaction by both social media giants.

But Facebook has reached a new low in that it has now decided to punish me for complaining about a direct death threat I received from an Islamist.

Last week, I received a message which read, “Hey you mother fucker, you keep mocking allahu and sweet Islam. I fucking find you and kill you.”

After flagging the death threat, Facebook responded with the message that “it doesn’t violate our Community Standards”.

That’s right – direct death threats don’t violate Facebook’s Community Standards. Let that sink in.

But it gets worse.

I posted the original death threat and Facebook’s response on my Facebook page. The post received thousands of shares, while also earning me several more death threats (because the best way to prove Islam is a religion of peace is by threatening to kill me).

“Direct death threats don’t violate Facebook’s “community standards,” yet people are routinely banned for expressing opinions. Incredible,” I commented next to a screenshot of the death threat and Facebook’s response.

Fast forward to this morning – Facebook removed the post and presented me with the following message upon logging in to my account.

“A post you made contains content that violates our Terms of Use. This message serves as a warning. Additional violations will result in the termination of your account.”

They punished me for complaining about a direct death threat by threatening to terminate my account.

Yes, really.

Making death threats doesn’t violate Facebook’s “terms of use,” but being the victim of one and complaining about it apparently does. Amazing.

Keep in mind that this is the same company that bans people, even if they’re gay, for using politically incorrect words like “faggot”.

Facebook is also working directly with the German government and ex-members of the Stasi to censor content that criticizes Angela Merkel’s open border policy in Germany.

Back in December, Facebook banned a German woman for “hate speech” after she posted a picture of a migrant who had raped and killed a 19-year-old woman, despite the fact that his photo was already circulating in German media.

Maybe next time I should just resort to live streaming murders or gang rapes of women, and then Facebook will be more accommodating?

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