(Information Liberation) The vast majority of Democrats believe Russians hacked into voting machines during the presidential election and changed vote tallies to elect Donald Trump, according to a new Economist/YouGov poll.

Poll: 59% Of Democrats Believe Russia Changed Vote To Elect TrumpBarack Obama, James Clapper, James Comey and Mike Rogers have all went on record saying vote tallies were not changed and voting machines were not hacked into by Russians, nonetheless endless headlines about how “Russia hacked our election” have clearly had their desired effect.

I wonder how Dems got this impression?Asked whether “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President,” 59% of Democrats said it was either “definitely true” or “probably true,” whereas only 14% of Republicans said the same.

The poll was conducted May 20-23:

The same poll conducted a week earlier found 55% of Democrats believed Russia hacked vote tallies…

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