Imagine the terror as a parent when something suddenly goes wrong with your child. That horror struck for Amanda and Lantz Lewis as their young daughter Evelyn began exhibiting strange symptoms.

Amanda and Lantz knew something was wrong. Evelyn became lethargic and seemed to be developing paralysis, especially in her legs. Not sure what to do, they videotaped her symptoms and sent it to friends and family, hoping someone would have an answer.

As Evelyn’s condition worsened, her parents knew they could no longer wait and rushed her to the emergency room. They were seen quickly and fortunately had a doctor who recognized the symptoms.

Amanda relayed that “The doctor said over the last 15 years he saw this in seven or eight children her age (under 10).” He knew exactly what to do.

Staff combed the little girl’s hair and rapidly found the culprit, a tick. Fortunately, it was not one of the types that transmit Lyme Disease. However, Evelyn’s prognosis might have been different without the quick work of her parents and doctor.

Her condition is called tick paralysis and spreads rapidly. “Loss of feeling and movement begins in the legs and spreads to the trunk, arms, and head. If the tick is not discovered and stopped the condition can lead to respiratory distress and even death.”

There are reportedly 43 species of ticks worldwide and the danger of each varies.

Evelyn improved quickly after the tick was removed with the exception of an itchy head. The next day, her parents report that she was back to being herself. They are both so grateful for the knowledgeable doctor.

The tape of Evelyn has gone viral and her parents hope it will help others become aware of the dangers as the U.S. heads into tick season.