Texas Lawmaker Matt Rinaldi who called ICE on illegal protesters after they crashed the legislative process.

During the last day of the session of the Texas Legislature, hundreds of illegal immigrants showed up to protest against SB-4. Senate Bill 4 also known as “the Anti-Sanctuary City” law will make it so that every jurisdiction in the state of Texas is required to comply with federal immigration agents’ requests for inmates in their custody without exceptions. Refusal to follow the law could result in a $25,000 a day fine until the jurisdiction complies.

The illegal protesters flew Mexican flags, showing their patriotism for any state but the United States while they demand to be given free stuff.

The law has been passed and put into effect but during the last day of the legislative session, the proceedings were disrupted by illegal immigrant activists. Protesters in their red t-shirts unfurled banners and chanted “SB-4 is hate!” among other things, some of which were in Spanish, while others waved Mexican flags. Apparently following federal laws is a hate crime according to leftists.


Alejandro Caceres, one of the leaders of the pro-illegal protest stated, “This building is ours now” as his people attempted to forcibly take control of the complex. Alejandro stated that the SB-4 bill is “anti-immigrant” and “anti-democracy” apparently being unaware that illegal immigration has always been illegal and that the law passed by a democratic process. At least one protester held a sign that said, “I am an illegal and here to stay”. Logic has never been a strong suit of Marxists.

In response to the obvious presence of illegal immigrants, it was State Representative Matt Rinaldi, R-Irving, who said that he had called United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Democratic lawmakers and especially other Hispanics who use their position to advocate racial take-over of the state such as Poncho Nevárez and Ramon Romero were enraged that he had called ICE.

Ramon Romero will physically assault you if you object to open borders, but would he do the same for any American interests? I doubt it.

Poncho Nevárez and Ramon Romero who are both members of the ridiculous “Mexican American Legislative Caucus” that exists solely to destroy borders and openly advocates the racial take-over of the United States by Mexicans, allegedly physically assaulted Matt Rinaldi after learning he had made a call to ICE.

Poncho Nevárez and his friends laugh at you while they stuff their pockets with taxpayer money.

“When I told the Democrats I called ICE, Representative Ramon Romero physically assaulted me, and other Democrats were held back by colleagues,” Rinaldi stated. “During that time Poncho told me that he would ‘get me on the way to my car.’ He later approached me and reiterated that ‘I had to leave at some point, and he would get me.’”

Matt Rinaldi refused to back down in the face of the democrat’s threats and aggression, stating that he would protect his life with lethal force if he was attacked.

The “Mexican American Legislative Caucus” has some very interesting requirements on joining. They include being a Mexican and having a district that is at least 50% racially Mexican. I’m sure they wouldn’t hysterically assault anyone who suggested that we have a “White American Legislative Caucus” that required members to be White and live in areas that are at least 50% racially White and openly advocated for Whites over everyone else, right?


This is the current state of affairs in the United States political and media scene. The majority of the “Mainstream Media” reporting on this incident are purposefully obfuscating the origin of the fight, stating that a “scuffle” took place and ignoring the fact that the Mexican supremacists Romero and Nevárez physically assaulted a Republican for daring to enforce the law. Instead, the “Mainstream Media” is reporting that Rinaldi just threatened to shoot them for no reason, completely leaving out the previous assault and threats made by Nevárez and Romero.

We are overflowing with Legislative Caucus groups that are entirely devoted to racial supremacy for every group other than White people who we are constantly told are evil, vile, racists, who deserve to die. Indeed, while the Mexican and Black Legislative caucuses solely exist to advocate their racial take-overs of the United States, outlets such as CNN will report glowingly and lovingly on them while the mere implicit idea of there being a group of White people is met with vitriol and hatred.

The message of the left and the mainstream media is clear as they stated, “This, too, was an image of white men that was supposed to be consigned to the past.” In the future “America” that the left desires, Whites will have to be ethnically cleansed and any attempt to stop or halt this will be met with cries of “Racist! Neo-Nazi! White Supremacist!”, in between their meetings at various non-White supremacist groups.