(Breitbart) The Washington Post’s “Never Trump” Republican Jennifer Rubin believes President Donald Trump will be the “easiest man to impeach.”

Washington Post Writer: Trump Will Be ‘Easiest Man to Impeach’

“This is probably the easiest man to impeach because he not only has a record, but his lies are so frankly absurd,” she told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Sunday.

Showing her Trump Derangement Syndrome, Rubin also added that if Trump “hasn’t figured in six months how to be president of the United States, he’s unfit to govern and should step down.”

Even as national Democrats are calling for restraint, Rubin has gone all-in recent weeks, mentioning impeachment almost on a daily basis in her tweets and columns and giving Rep. Maxine “Get Ready for Impeachment” Waters (D-CA) a run for her money.

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