(Infowars) A team of “global warming” scientists were forced to cancel an Arctic trip due to “extreme ice conditions,” which highlights how the advocacy against “man-made climate change” is actually a globalist scheme to weaken the US economy.

Ice bergs photo

Photo by markbyzewski (CC)

The group of 40 scientists were onboard the CCGS Amundsen, a ship known for its icebreaking capabilities, but this time the ice proved too thick for the ship to break through safely.

“Their trip began May 25 in Quebec City, but due to bad ice conditions off the coast of Newfoundland, the icebreaker was diverted from its course to help ferries and fishing boats navigate the Strait of Belle Isle, said David Barber, a climate change scientist at the University of Manitoba and leader of the Hudson Bay expedition called BaySys,” reported CBC News. “Thick, dense ice had travelled to the area down from the High Arctic, said Barber, which caused unsuspecting boats to become stuck and even take on water.”

Barber, of course, claimed “man-made climate change” reduced the thickness of the ice, causing it to float southward, yet the Environment and Climate Change Canada seems to have unintentionally contradicted this claim.

“Typically there would be very little or no ice left in either of these areas at this time of year, let alone the thick ice pack we are currently seeing off the northeast coast of Newfoundland,” a spokesperson for the agency stated, with emphasis added.

If the ice was thick enough to stop a ship designed to break through ice, then how could it be thin enough – and mobile enough – to make it that far south?…

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