These candies could easily end up in the wrong hands.

Harris County police got an unexpected surprise when they responded to a 911 call about a potential burglary. Two suspects were discovered attempting to flee the scene with 600 pounds of candy lollipops made with methamphetamine.

The suspected burglars, Evonne Christine Mick, 36, and David Salinas, 21, had “put so many narcotics in the back of the vehicle, so they were trying to flee, and they couldn’t even close the back hatch to their vehicle,” reported an authority from Harris County.

But the burglary is just a minor detail in the story, “I don’t believe these two people were the actual people making them,” said a Harris County Police representative. “The other part of our investigation is going to be trying to figure out who’s actually making them.”

The property where the candy was held is believed to be a stash house— and is located near a school.

“Inside the home, deputies allegedly found nearly $1 million worth of meth-filled candies— some treats molded in the form of popular fictional characters such as Batman, R2D2 and Yoda” reports CW39.

The candies ranged in size and were priced from $20-$40. Police said they had to act quickly “due to concerns a massive amount of the drugs has already been sold throughout the area” and especially considering the candies would appeal to children.

The female suspect, Evonne Mick, was believed to have lived on the property prior to the burglary. According to court records, Mick has been charged with possession of a controlled substance, with estimated bail of $100,000.