Alphabet’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt cited a study by McKinsey released at the Viva Tech conference in Paris on Thursday, which suggested 90 percent of jobs are not fully automatable. The Alphabet chairman said that while some of the routine of a job could be replaced, much of what a human does cannot.

The future of work is you with a computer, not you replaced by a computer.

“People keep saying, what happens to jobs in the era of automation? I think there will be more jobs, not fewer.”

At Viva Tech, Jeff Immelt, the outgoing chief executive of General Electric, also spoke out against people predicting widespread unemployment as a result of automation, saying that the idea robots will completely run factories in five years is “bulls–t”.

“There’s 330,000 people that work for GE and none of them had a productive day yesterday, none of them had a completely productive day. So my own belief is that when it comes to digital tools and things like that, that first part of the revolution, is going to be to make your existing workforce productive,” Immelt said during a talk at the Viva Tech conference in Paris on Thursday.