The 31st American state has decided to go all green after the Senate passed legislation that says the state of California will use renewable energy within the next 28 years. The bill received 25 positive votes out of its 38 members voting for it.

American politician Kevin de Leon, the chair of the Senate, said that initiating this ambitious project will make California green and clean, create jobs and most importantly, will lower harmful emissions

“This is our reality. We are not going to allow one huge, potentially catastrophic decision by the president to reverse generations of progress at the height of our historic diversity, our scientific advancement, our economic output, as well as our sense of global responsibility,” says Kevin de Leon in an interview with Democracy Now.

The Golden Bear State is shining with its new ambition and it’s Bill 100.

If this bill is passed, the state will need to rush things towards renewable energy; it intends to leave fossil fuels behind entirely, within 28 years. It also needs to work furiously towards its renewable energy promise and at least be up to par by 2030.

“It is really important that we forge ahead with other like-minded countries and subnational, not just hemispherically but throughout the world,” stated Kevin de Leon “Whether it is in Pacific—the Pacific Rim, whether it’s in Africa, whether it’s in Europe, Eastern Europe.