Democrats have been milking the imaginary Russia collusion for all it’s worth. Although they have seemed eager to get to the bottom of their “witch hunt,” it is rather surprising that they’ve now adamantly blocked a number of crucial witnesses from testifying.

Carter Page hasn’t been given the opportunity to bring to light what he knows. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence was scheduled to hear closed-door testimony from Page on June 6. Democrats on the panel blocked his appearance saying that they needed more time to prepare.

Page has been one of the people branded by congressional Democrats as a “mastermind” in the so-called collusion probe. However, the informal previous Trump campaign adviser is angered by the delay. Adam Schiff, Representative from California, is the committee’s Democrat leader. He refuses to respond to questions about the issue, choosing instead to spout inflammatory, unproven accusations.

The oversight panel is investigating both the imaginary Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and the Obama administration’s abuse of power in unmasking citizens.

On May 31, the House committee subpoenaed evidence from the CIA, FBI, and the NSA concerning the troubling behavior of Susan Rice, John Brennan, and Samantha Power, a close friend of Barak Hussein and a former U.S. Ambassador.

The result of those requests has been more stalling. Many of the documents and information needed in the investigation were sent to the Obama library and will remain archived for five years. These type of avoidance methods are consistent with the former liberal rule.

Democrats have long held that their investigation into the Russian hacking will somehow prove that nefarious methods were used to defeat Hillary Clinton. They consistently ignore the tree of Hillary’s corruption and lies. Whether their avoidance of her culpability is deliberate or simply blind allegiance is unknown.

In previous statements by liberal lawmakers, Page has been identified as the person who can prove their unfounded claims. Rep. Schiff has repeatedly implied that the Russian investigation will continue, despite the fact that a number of oversight officials say there is no evidence for the claim.

According to various reports, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was used to generate a warrant for Page while Trump was running for office. The FBI carried out the surveillance in the summer of 2016. Apparently, the Obama administration used the debunked “Russian dossier” to support their claim for monitoring the activities of a free citizen. The dossier is also called the “Steele dossier,” named for the British intelligence agent who compiled it. Originally assembled as opposition research for Trump’s political opponents, the information it contains has largely been proven false.

Although former FBI director James Comey has appeared three times, democrats fear the truth that Page might disclose about Obama's unmasking scandal.

Page has asked that his testimony be made public, whenever he does get his chance to herald the truth. He has written four letters to the House and Senate Intelligence oversight panels outlining his evidence. Perhaps that’s why Democrats aren’t eager to hear him or allow the general populous to hear his statements.

Page asserts that there was absolutely no collusion or inappropriate interaction between him and Russian businessmen or government representatives. Page says that the real reason Democrats don’t want him to appear is that he will bring to light improper and illegal actions taken by Obama officials.

He says that Obama cronies engaged in election-intelligence gathering of Trump and his associates.

The reasons for the illegal covert operations are anyone’s guess, but it certainly seems like they were targeted efforts to discredit Trump and derail his popularity. That didn’t work, so now congressional Democrats are trying to ruin his presidency by persisting in an investigation that they know is futile.

Schiff has been backpedaling on his inflammatory remarks about the Trump campaign's unproven collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.

Rep. Schiff has already started backtracking on his previous comments. On Sunday, he said “I think there is evidence,” and added “whether there is some evidence doesn’t mean there is proof.”

Noting that former FBI Director James Comey has appeared three times, Page thinks that the reason for the stalling tactics is plain. If the FISA warrant for his surveillance was made public, it would prove the president’s claims about Obama wiretapping.

By blocking the testimony of Carter Page it seems blatantly obvious that Democrats know they have absolutely no proof of Russian collusion. What they do have is fear about the tactics of their former fuehrer, Obama.