When WikiLeaks revealed how the Democratic Party sabotaged Bernie Sanders campaign in order to get Hillary Clinton elected as their nominee, a significant part of a sordid picture was shown.

A couple of weeks ago, James Comey’s testimony before the Senate revealed how the former Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered with an FBI investigation just to protect the Democratic candidate. Now, things just got worse for the Democrats after DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz committed a terrible mistake.

She stated that neither the FBI nor any other government agency contacted her about the hacking of the DNC’s computer network. The big issue about these comments is that it directly contradicts former DHS chief Jeh Johnson’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

In addition to these controversial remarks, Wasserman Schultz said that it is incredible that she, as the chair of the organization, was never contacted by a government agency concerned about the Russian hacking. Also, she pointed out that the FBI should have come to her with any information regarding the issue. She said that she had the unique clearance to hear any classified briefing considering her position.

With these definitive comments, experts believe that Wasserman Schultz was contradicting statements made by former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. He had said that the DNC announced it didn’t need the DHS help when the hacks began last year.

Johnson explained to the House Intelligence Committee that he repeatedly asked if the cyber security experts and analysts from the Department had stepped into help the DNC.

In fact, Johnson claimed he was told that the Bureau had spoken with the DNC. The Democrats decided to use a private cyber security firm to help them solve this issue. He also said that his interest in helping the DNC was nonpartisan. Additionally, he recalled he was not pleased that they were not asked to help the DNC patch their vulnerabilities.

At the time of the hack, Wasserman Schultz served as the chairwoman of the DNC. She decided to resign in July 2016 after several emails from the DNC were leaked and published by the nonprofit organization WikiLeaks.

One of the most controversial emails described how the mainstream media was working along with the Democratic Party in order to get Hillary Clinton elected to run the White House. Among the eyebrow-raising revelations, there was editorial control over stories, the promise of positive coverage, and even advance notice of debate questions.

Other emails revealed the DNC conspiracy against Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Many believed he could have beaten Hillary Clinton if tings were run legally. WikiLeaks then disclosed top Clinton campaign aides discussing how to control what Sanders said about her during the primary race.

In order to make this happen, they decided to use “leverage” they had over the Vermont senator. The emails revealed a secret “agreement” between Clinton and Sanders.

The results of this operation were apparently efficient. At the beginning of the primaries, Sanders was blasting Hillary Clinton because of her corruption and he gradually reduced his aggressiveness. Naturally, the media also played a major role in this conspiracy against the Vermont senator.

WikiLeaks revealed how then-CNN contributor Donna Brazile emailed members of the Clinton campaign to tip them off about certain questions that journalists would ask at her debate with Sanders. As everyone knows, the Democrat’s operation worked perfectly and he eventually lost the nomination.

When WikiLeaks published these emails, the Clinton campaign didn’t deny their authenticity. Instead, they decided to blame Russia for supplying the hacked emails to the nonprofit organization.

Wasserman Schultz was the chairwoman of the DNC when all of this happened. Now in her statement, she said she would have accepted help from the Bureau or any other agency if it had been offered along with information.

n order to support her statements, Wasserman Schultz pointed out that James Comey testified that he wished he had done more to notify the DNC of the Russian intrusion.

While the whole picture remains a mystery, the fact is that either Johnson or Wasserman Schultz publicly lied about what really happened during within the Democratic party.

These lies could create a massive scandal resulting in the Obama administration getting exposed.