Apparently, Podesta will meet with the committee in a closed-door session next week, making him first key witnesses the panel.

Hillary Clinton´s 2016 campaign manager John Podesta is scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee about his role in the alleged meddling in the U.S. presidential election by the Russian government.

Podesta was one of the main figures in the election since all the controversial disclosures WikiLeaks made during this political event came from his email account. These documents were extremely damaging for the Democratic candidate, given the fact that it showed sensitive details that turned into several scandals.

As reported by various media outlets, Podesta´s email leak came as a result of his misunderstanding with a campaign official who told him to reset his password after receiving a “phishing” email scam.

During an interview in February, Podesta suggested that there was a conspiracy among several members of the FBI in order to bring down Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. He assured there were at least forces within the Bureau that wanted her to lose.

WikiLeaks disclosures revealed Podesta´s lack of confidence in the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Podesta even blamed former FBI Director James Comey for the election´s result, considering the announcement he made before voting day that they were reopening the investigation into Clinton´s email.

He explained that Comey bad a poor judgment, and assured that every single political analyst in the world would agree this was a terrible decision. Furthermore, Podesta told the former FBI Director did a terrible damage to Clinton´s campaign, and said that it was just after the reopening when the race began to tighten.

While Democrats truly believed that this situation determined Hillary´s defeat, Comey´s testimony before the Senate revealed that he was actually quite helpful to the the Democratic candidate during the presidential election.

In a clear attempt of obstruction of justice, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered with the FBI investigation by demanding a change of terms, according to Comey´s testimony before the Senate. The former FBI Director revealed that Lynch asked him to call the investigation a “matter,” considering that the original label of the Bureau´s operation was damaging.

While Podesta hasn’t made any comments regarding this case, Lynch´s intervention in FBI´s investigation was extremely helpful to help the Democratic candidate to maintain her popularity during the primaries and the presidential campaign.


In fact, even when the congressional panel is investigating whether President Trump´s campaign team colluded with the Russians to interfere with the 2016 election, experts believe they might ask him about Lynch´s intervention. Especially after how the DNC built a major operation in order to get Hillary Clinton elected, according to WikiLeaks´ disclosures.

This operation included the use of liberal mainstream medias like CNN or The New York Times and the sabotage of Bernie Sanders campaign. Naturally, Podesta played a significant role in these actions considering his top position and influence in Clinton´s campaign.

Nevertheless, WikiLeaks disclosures also revealed Podesta´s lack of confidence in the Democratic candidate.

In one email, he told Clinton´s 2008 campaign member Neera Tanden that Hillary made terrible decisions before the campaign. Also, he explained that almost no one knows better than him that despite her experience, she has really bad instincts.

In that email exchange, Podesta also complained that former State Departments staffers Phillippe Reines and Cheryl Mills along with Clinton´s personal lawyer David Kendall, “sure weren’t forthcoming here on the facts here.”

Apparently, Podesta will meet with the committee in a classified closed-door session next week, making him first key witnesses the panel. However, they sent out requests to interview other six witnesses this week.