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CNN’s Acosta Complains About White House Taking Questions From Conservative Media

“Does this feel like America?”

| Infowars.com

CNN’s Jim Acosta is complaining yet again – this time about the White House having the temerity to take questions from conservative media outlets.

“Does this feel like America? Where the White House takes q’s from conservatives, then openly trashes the news media in the briefing room,” Acosta tweeted.

Acosta was referring to yesterday’s White House press briefing, during which deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders criticized CNN for pushing another fake news story about Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci being linked to a Russian investment fund.

Sanders also invited Americans to watch a new video released by Project Veritas in which a CNN producer is caught on tape admitting the network’s reporting on collusion between Russia and Trump is “mostly bullshit”.

Acosta, who was not even at yesterday’s press briefing, is obviously angry at the fact that his network’s credibility has taken a pounding.

Sanders also took questions from leftist media outlets like CBS, NBC, NPR and Bloomberg News, but Acosta failed to mention that. His fury at conservative outlets even being allowed to ask questions again underscores the supreme arrogance that dominates the mainstream media.

This is not the first time Acosta has complained about the issue. Earlier this month, he whined about how Trump has made it into a “new normal” that CNN doesn’t get to exert a monopoly on his time.

“He has these press conferences….where you know maybe he’ll take a question from a conservative news media reporter and then someone from the mainstream media….this isn’t how we do things in this country,” protested the reporter.

Acosta has been accused of being more of an activist than a journalist after numerous run-ins with the President, including infamously at a January press conference when Trump called CNN “fake news”.

After Trump visited Congressman Steve Scalise in hospital following the attempted massacre of Republican lawmakers, Acosta tweeted fake newswhen he claimed Trump had not in fact seen Scalise in hospital. He later had to admit that he was wrong.

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