President Trump singled out a journalist called Caitriona Perry, during a phone conversation with the new Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, where he told him that she has a “nice smile on her face. So I bet she treats you well.” The journalist in question has been the Washington correspondent for Irish state broadcaster Radio Teilifis Eireann (RTE) since three years ago.

While Perry took the exchange in really good humor and even a video clip of this moment showed her laughing, Trump’s comments drew some adverse reactions on Twitter, and especially on the liberal mainstream media. Believe it or not, many journalists assured this was another terrible example of the President’s sexism and bigotry.

As you might believe, “CNN Tonight” spent most of its time on this issue, given the fact that it was an opportunity to criticize the President and divert attention from the scandals that this network has been involved in the last month. However, in an unexpected twist, show host Don Lemon defended President Trump on this issue.

The CNN host agreed with Trump Wednesday by saying that it wasn’t sexist for him to say that Perry has a nice smile, considering that this can be considered as a simple compliment instead of some kind of offense.

Far from playing a one man’s war, CNN political commentator Alice Stewart agreed with Lemon and told that the president’s comments about the Irish female reporter were made with good intentions. Additionally, Stewart said that despite feeling bad for Perry, she didn’t think it amounted to any kind of sexism.

In fact, Stewart said that she could see Trump acting the same way to every other reporter, including male, which only means this is a natural behavior of Trump and not a sign of some sexist and discriminatory condition. Of course, another panelist on the show had a different opinion.

Democratic strategist Maria Cardona used the classic victimist narrative and started a really bizarre discussion with Lemon and Stewart. Cardona assured President Trump hasn’t done this with male reporters, and expressed her anger over the idea that he hasn’t called out male journalists in the White House to tell them they have a “cute butt.”

Regarding this rare assertion, Stewart shot back by assuring that she obviously missed the part where Trump made those specific comments about the girl in the video.

Another one who defended Trump on this stupidity was Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis, who assured this issue was nothing more than a political correctness paranoia, and much ado about anything. In fact, Lewis made an interesting argument in order to show evidence of the media bias against President Trump.

He compared the mainstream media’s treatment of former Vice President Joe Biden to Trump, explaining that the Democrat was basically left off the hook for a lot of inappropriate behavior towards women, while the Republican is constantly blasted for acts that cannot even be compared. In fact, Lewis assured that Biden has said and done a lot worse and no one said anything about it.

While Cardona remained with her narrative and said this was a questionable moment coming from the president, Lemon also remained with his stance and assured that Trump’s compliment was basically the same to liking the necktie or suit of a male reporter.

Lewis jumped in to disagree with the Democratic strategist once again, and asked what was wrong with saying that somebody is attractive. Lemon supported her and explained that he once interacted with a woman in an elevator and complimented her on her blouse. The CNN host said the woman accepted this complement and that it was totally normal.

Lewis closed the discussion by warning against how many liberals are becoming some kind of “speech police” with these kinds of attitudes and reactions over these irrelevant situations. Additionally, he explained that soon enough people will find themselves unable to say what they think about certain things that were seemingly innocent.

While many felt surprised about Lemon’s defense on Trump, the truth is that CNN is having one of the worst moments in its history.

This month, the network has been in the spotlight for the publishing of a fake news story that was eventually eliminated, and two hidden camera videos from Project Veritas´ John O´Keefe. In these pieces CNN producer John Bonifield and political commentator Van Jones revealed that the Russia-Trump story was basically a “witch hunt” and a big “nothing burger.”