CNN has struck back in the the war over the wrestling GIF.

On Sunday, President Trump posted a GIF from a video taken during his appearance during WrestleMania 23 in which he beats down a wrestler. However, this particular GIF was a little different, in that the CNN logo is superimposed over the wrestler’s face, making it appear as though Trump was assaulting the news organization itself.

However, CNN made a move of their own during the Fourth of July, revealing that they had discovered the identity of the Reddit user responsible for the GIF’s creation. The user, who goes by the handle of HanAssholeSolo, originally posted the GIF to a part of Redit called r/The_Donald. Some of the user’s other posts were controversial, depicting things like a Jewish cabal in control of the White House.

The user posted an apology to the network, saying that he mainly posted controversial images to get a rise out of other users. In a report on the user, CNN said that it had decided against publishing the user’s identity, but should any more hateful content come from the account, that they reserved the right to do so in the future.

It’s that last part that many online have an issue with. Twitter and Reddit users have criticized the company, saying that it is targeting a private citizen, leading #CNNBlackmail to trend on Twitter.