While tensions between North Korea and the U.S. keeps growing, the world is watching the development of a concerning situation that could end up in a war between the communist regime and the alliance of South Korea and America.

Recently, new information revealed Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship had shown a weak detail that shows its military fearfulness: one of his bodyguards wants to defect to the South.

Head of Justice for North Korea Peter Chung revealed on Wednesday the North Korean defector escaped by crossing the Chinese border a month ago. The soldier is 17 years old and new to his occupation, which is not surprising considering that Kim Jong Un’s bodyguards usually start at very young ages.

Apparently, the defector had been training in a location near Sinuiju, which is a North Pyongyan Province, when he decided to cross the Yalu River. Just as what happens in communist regimes like Cuba, people in North Korean tend to take dangerous actions in order to escape from a country that has been destroyed by extreme poverty and total lack of freedom.

The 17-year-old bodyguard had been selected to join a special security unit and assigned to guarding a luxury compound belonging to the communist dictator. Regarding this detail, Chung told that before the soldier entered the military service he appeared to have some knowledge of South Korean culture and society.

While many believe he could be a spy on a solo operation, experts believe that even when communist regimes have used this kind of strategy during the Cold War, this case seems quite improbable considering his young age.

Chung told that Kim Jong Un’s bodyguard decided to leave his country owing to his dissatisfaction with the North Korean regime. Chung also revealed that the soldier has repeatedly expressed a lot of interest in defecting to the South, but is currently in a “safe house” in China.

Naturally, the young soldier is under a delicate situation considering that China does not recognize North Koreans as refugees and often repatriates defectors. Nevertheless, Chung was told that he would arrive in South Korea very soon.

While many North Korean soldiers escape from their country to the South, sometimes owing to a lack of food being supplied to the army, many believe the reason in this last case is the possible war with the U.S., given the fact that Kim Jong Un is putting a lot of pressure in his military forces. In fact, it is widely known that he uses to execute those who show any kind of attitude that doesn’t represent the values he demands.

On June 18, a North Korean soldier in his 20s also decided to defect to the South by swimming across the Han River estuary along the DMZ. Apparently, the soldier used blocks of Styrofoam as floats for this back and shoulders in order to survive the dangerous swim. Nevertheless, the difference in this case is that he didn’t have such an important position.

Additionally, other military defections from North Korea occurred on June 13 and June 15. However, there’s no information about the people who decided to take this step and their condition remains unknown.

Many believe the bodyguard’s defection could make Kim Jong Un put a major effort to avoid this kind of acts more than ever, given the fact that he´s terrified of being targeted for assassination. Apparently, this paranoia is so strong that he even travels incognito inside the Hermit Kingdom.

According to the South Korean intelligence agency, the communist dictator is “extremely nervous” about a clandestine plot to take him out. In fact, Kim could be engrossed with collecting data about this operation through his intelligence agencies.

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Lately, the North Korean regime has become a huge problem for the U.S. and the region, considering that Pyongyang has repeatedly tested missiles potentially capable of delivering nuclear warheads, and Kim’s threats against Japan, South Korea, and America, have grown increasingly bellicose.

A couple of weeks ago, North Korea returned American college student Otto Warmbier after holding him for almost 20 months on a dubious charge. Doctors told the student underwent devastating brain injuries while in their custody. Warmbier eventually died.

While three other U.S. citizens remain jailed in this dystopian dictatorship, a war between a U.S./South Korean alliance with Kim Jong Un’s regime could happen anytime soon.