The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed an emergency lawsuit to stop President Trump’s Commission on voter fraud investigation. The center has led a serious push for privacy in the Digital Age, but this move smacks of partisan politics.

In May, Trump issued an executive order establishing the commission. Its job is to “promote fair and honest elections.” However, that doesn’t bode well for democratic electorates. As many as two-thirds of U.S. states have baulked at the request sent out by Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

He issued a letter to the secretaries of all 50 states, asking for the voter statistics. The commission wants to examine the lists that are sold to marketers which contain voter demographics and data. The information is already public.

Kobach’s simple request started a storm of violent accusations against the commission. Liberals are up in arms over privacy issues that they had no problem with when Obama was in office.

The unmasking investigation is still ongoing. It has discovered troubling facts about the Obama administration’s continuous, illegal spying on American citizens. Yet, according to leftists, that pales when compared to republican appeals for names, birthdays, and addresses, which have already been sold to commercial interests.

EPIC is claiming that regardless of the information requested, the panel is violating public privacy laws. No one is actually sure how that’s possible, but it hasn’t stopped the propaganda machine from churning out catch phrases and frenzied accusations.

The L.A. Times is running an opinion piece that calls for the disbandment of the commission. The author bemoans the partisan nature of the panel, saying that “there’s little reason to think this commission can produce credible answers.”

The problem with liberals is that they think everyone else acts like they do. Naturally, an all democrat panel would skew, distort, and manipulate data in a way that would benefits their claims. What these leftists don’t understand is honesty.

Despite the fact that the commission was established by President Trump and is staffed with conservatives, their investigation would be truthful.

That’s not good enough for the L.A. Times. The article conveniently excluded the fact that the only information requested by the commission is the public information that states have already sold to online data brokers.

Last night, NBC News anchor Katy Tur attempted to railroad Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. Citing a partisan survey that discounts recent convictions of voter tampering and illegal activity, Tur was emotional and completely biased.

There is an abundance of credible evidence that shows illegals voting in the presidential election, and massive fraud in Virginia, but these are only the tip of the iceberg. The problems are exactly what the commission is trying to root out. However, because Kobach also requested information on “election related crime” convictions, leftists are claiming an invasion of privacy.

The election integrity commission is Trump’s response to another campaign promise. Millions of conservatives around the country don’t trust liberal voting commissions. Democrats have been placing key collectors in positions for decades. Plus, biased elected officials have an important stake in ensuring their party gets into power.

EPIC said in the emergency lawsuit “It does not matter that a particular state might disclose its voter data to some other requester under some other circumstances.” A statement that seems fairly idiotic to many conservatives.

That’s the entire point the integrity commission is making. The data has already been released to the public, because it was sold by the state for revenue.

Privacy advocates would be up in arms if the commission was overstepping legal boundaries, but it’s not. The only opposition to the request is originating from liberal states and liberal secretaries.

Judge Collen Kollar-Kotelly, who has been assigned to case, is no friend to conservatives. She has a conflicting record of rulings. She obstructed republican attempts to convict terrorists after the 9/11 attack and just last year she denied an injunction request that would have stopped Cathy Lanier from preventing carry permits requested by law-abiding citizens. However, she was also the judge who rebuked CAIR in the Muslim Mafia trial.

Fortunately, Trump’s commission has recourse the Supreme Court if Kollar-Kotelly decides unfavorably for the commission.

It remains to be seen whether the election integrity omission will be able to do its job. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, a serious investigation into the American election system must take place. As it is now, there are simply too many ways for leftists to manipulate returns.

The hearing on the case is scheduled later this afternoon.